(On Thursday, September 4, 2014, Dr. Misee Harris, best known to the media as the “Black Bachelorette” hopeful, was forced to resign from her dental practice where she was beloved by both staff and patients. The reason for her resignation was over a clash of ethics involving her outspoken social media support of the late Michael Brown and the unrest in Ferguson, MO.. Here is Misee’s recollection of yesterday’s disturbing events in her own words, as recorded by her partner, Emmy-winning producer, Chris Silber…)


On Thursday, September 4th, Dr. Misee Harris (the Black Bachelorette) was called into an unannounced meeting at the dental practice where she has worked as a Pediatric Dentist and was recently offered a partnership in the practice. Dr. Harris, the sole African American dentist in the practice, has worked tirelessly with underprivileged young patients on Medicaid to ensure their smiles remain healthy, and the quality of Dr. Harris’s work has never been called into question. Once in the meeting, Dr. Harris was ambushed and presented with screenshots from her private Facebook page. Being that Misee had blocked work colleagues from accessing her account, it was explained to Misee that a doctor who is a partner at the office, and who led the meeting, had been having a friend spy on Misee’s Facebook page. Screenshots were taken of Misee’s Facebook posts and were sent to the doctor who led the meeting. Misee was then told that some of her Facebook posts about recent racial issues in America were “unprofessional.” The biggest bone of contention to the partners was a cartoon (see graphic below) related to the recent police murders of several innocent African-Americans across the nation. The partner held up the picture and asked Misee “Do you think we (meaning Misee’s white colleagues) are all like this?”


Facebook post that led to Dr. Misee Harris’s resignation




Dr. Misee Harris composed herself and asked the partner if she had any idea what was going on in black America, namely regarding the murder of Michael Brown. The partner did not know the name Mike Brown, nor did she seem to understand Misee’s outrage at being attacked for her personal views. Dr. Harris’s racial discrimination concerns voiced on her personal and private Facebook page was meant solely for the eyes of her friends and family whom Misee thought she could trust. Misee was then told flat out that she would have to choose between her “style of social media communication” and her job as a pediatric dentist in their practice.


Misee felt unable to continue working under such conditions and decided to quit the dental practice on the spot, much to the dismay of her bosses. They assumed Misee would simply promise to stop voicing her opinions on social media about racial injustice. In a nutshell, Dr. Misee Harris feels she has been discriminated against as the sole African-American member of her now former dental practice. Dr. Harris believes she has been pushed out of her job for simply being a black woman in America.


“It is as though the partners at my former dental practice believe that a black person who has made it to success in a white-dominated field like dentistry is expected to show gratitude and humility, and to ‘act white,’” expresses a devastated Dr. Harris.


Case in point: Right before the last presidential election, in 2012 Dr. Misee Harris was invited to a dinner with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, as part of her involvement on an Obama campaign team. At that time, her employer advised her not to go because, “We’re all Republicans here,” and that “President Obama was the one responsible for the financial ruin of his office.” I was expressly told at the time, “People who wanted to work for him should not be siding with Obama.”


When Misee, already working at the office, gathered media popularity with her black Bachelorette campaign and as an advocate of black female empowerment, her colleagues began to “monitor” her social media accounts and bring up things they disliked about her public statements on several occasions. As Dr. Harris explains, “I made it very clear that what I did in my private life was none of their business, but to keep the peace, I became very ‘robotic’ and vanilla about my views for quite some time.”


Misee was the one dentist in her practice to bring back Medicaid patients back into the office and give out extras (free lunches, presents, even vacations) to assistants and front desk staff who get paid minimum wage, while the main doctors make high six figure incomes. Misee’s code of ethics was to never turn a child down who needed dental care. Hundreds of less fortunate families in the Nashville, Tennessee suburb where Dr. Harris practiced had no one else to turn to for their children’s dental work.


Dr. Misee Harris wants to go public with this unfortunate story of racial discrimination in the workplace because it has been her mission to empower black women, many of whom, when subjected to this kind of discrimination do not have the financial freedom to leave with dignity the way Dr. Harris chose to.


Dr. Misee Harris wants to continue to inspire others to speak their mind and to end racial discrimination and related abuse.


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  • Once again we have people making it about themselves instead of listening to the person’s POV. From what I read Dr. Misee-Harris never accused her colleagues of any racist views yet they seem to immediately assume showing concern for what is happening to POC meant she was.
    I hope she sues them silly. even more I hope she goes on to the bigger and better things she appears to be capable of.

    • You go Dr. Harris white Americans (some not all) have no idea what we are made of. God bless you I your career

      • You might be surprised at how many white people support Dr Harris.

        • Lauren

          You have illustrated the same narcissistic blindspotblind spot among her colleagues above. This is similar to progressive Christians telling LGBT people, “We’re not all like that.” Tell that to the people speaking for you, that they don’t speak for us as white people. You prioritize your own feelings with comments like the above, which doesn’t solve anything.

          • I don’t get it.

            The above commenter meant to show solidarity with you, I’m not sure why you felt the need to be rude. Way to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

          • I have no idea what you are talking about……what on earth are you tying to say.

        • dudha one

          Silence isn’t support, it implies consent of the status quo.

        • dawne carroll, md

          take your skills and compassion and start your own practice. Then you can work with people that respect and admire you

        • The Who’s Who

          WE shall see if in fact these whites step forward in support of a African American doctor – against other whites who discriminated against her. The re-pub-lee-KKKLANS.. are the ones who brought the race card to her; she has every right to voice her personal opinions with regard to community just as the OFFICE voiced their opinion against president Obama.. but who’s pointing the finger at them for it? No one.. yet white supremacy rules again, I glad she resign and she can say under mental discrimination.. the OFFICE was OUT OF LINE with this..basically what they are saying she doesn’t have the right to form an opinion about race becuz she’s the only black in a dominant white male occupation. THAT RACISM! So as long as she doesn’t act what whites consider black in their eyes.. she one of them the BLACK WHITE GIRL..if she does otherwise she’s a threat..(SMH)

        • Bunny

          From one Dr. To another Dr. “And still I rise” thank you Dr. Maya A for let us black woman know no matter what they put us through “STILL WE RISE”!

        • Mariana

          I am very proud Dr. Harris stood up for her believes, I believe in justice, love and peace. A lot of the times we have to show people that we are educated, worthy, we are one as humanity, we are all connected as one in the world no matter the race or color… Godspeed Dr. Harris. Mariana.

      • Dwight Davis

        Dr.Harris keep looking up God is your help and I as a black man I support you and keep pushing forward never quite and I pray that God keep you.

    • Ms Harris, the same people who spied on your page, as well as the doctor’s office you worked for, have not felt anything like the wrath of God yet. It says, “touch not my annointed ones and do my prophets no harm,” and by your actions and compassion for Medicaid and children alone, I believe God has seen your heart through this and he’s going to take up your cause. Those who opposed you will be like lepers after the Lord is finished with them, but just trust and pour out your heart to him, and he will lift you in due time. God bless

      • Such Hate and Ignorance

        I’m sure those “same” individuals forwarded the hateful e-mails and cartoon characters that demonized the character of our President. I’d look at their Facebook pages also. What a bunch of morons. Unfortunately, they are the morons with the money and pseudo power.

        • Lisa Ryan

          Good idea! I hope someone looks at their Facebook pages also. Turn about is fair play…….

    • Steve

      A hit dog hollars!

    • Molly hunt

      She used to work at children’s dental associates in Columbia, tn. And she needs to sue them for discrimination. http://www.childrensdentalcolumbia.com

    • David

      Wow I’m really proud of her. Black people are often silenced in these situations because they want to hold on to job security and money. I’ve been fired 3 times for speaking up for myself at work. I am now struggling to find full time work as we speak.

      • NEO

        You will find something else & I think not only should the doctor sue them silly, this may also be God’s way of telling her to strike out on her own & to start her own dental practice & create the work environment that she’d like to see.

        • Neo, my exact sentiments.. Your comment hit it right on the head, God can use this good woman to continue her good work, and he will add much more to her than those folks at her old practice could ever give. She will have multiple practices and be a employer of many people, all because of this situation that happen to her….

        • Mia

          So true Neo, I agree!!

      • karen503

        It happens to white people who aren’t powerful, too. Check out what’s been happening to a guy who gave an interview to an ABC affiliate about the brawl in Anchorage Alaska caused by the notorious Sarah Palin and her family. His bosses, McKenna Brothers Paving, are VERY close to the Palins, who have more power in Alaska than anyone in the lower 48 knows, fired him within hours of his interview.


        • Dee Dee

          Who cares? We are CLEARLY talking about the discrimination that Black professionals face in the work place. Of course someone would come in to state that “it happens to a White people too”. This thread ain’t about White people except to point out that those in power tend to oppress people of color at every opportunity. Contrary to White Supremacist thought, every thing is not, does not revolve around White people. Go away.

          • Tiffany

            Dee Dee,

            The point that I believe that Karen was getting at, is that if you don’t have money, a business, or brand, it doesn’t matter what color you are, you’re in the same boat.

            If we turn people away from the cause simply because they don’t share the same skin color, how much better are we than those we are oppressed by? Secondly, once people realize that racism and racialism are simply off-shoots of the classism that exists in this country and throughout the world we’ll actually be getting somewhere in this fight to exist. As it stands people of color with minimal exceptions (in the scheme of things) are institutionally set up to remain at or below a certain point in the class spectrum. People NEED people. No man is an island, no race is either.

          • Veritas1919

            Racism is not an off-shoot of classism it was based in Hate, Greed and Darwinism. “Classism is the stratification of society according to wealth”. Anyone that knows our history should know this. The belief in Social Darwinism for whites disappeared during the Progressive Era in the US and only for poor whites and white immigrants. Blacks continued to be characterized as forever being genetically deviant, criminal, and savage and the successful campaign to demonize and dehumanize blacks resulted in Plessy v. Ferguson , the Dred-Scott amendment and Jim crow. “Calls for greater African American access to public education, for example, were challenged by statistical arguments that education turned black people into criminals”. The campaign to uplift poor whites and white immigrants resulted in social programs in housing, education, healthcare and police protection. Blacks were excluded from these for “whites only” affirmative action programs. Wealth doesn’t matter when you are black. When black folks have college degrees they’re nearly twice as likely as comparable whites to be out of work;and Latinos with degrees are about 50 percent more likely than comparable whites to be out of work; and Asian Americans with degrees are about 40 percent more likely than comparable whites to be out of work…even whites who claim to have criminal records are more likely to be hired than equally qualified blacks without records….With people of color significantly more likely than whites to be steered to subprime mortgage loans — even when their credit scores and incomes are comparable to (or better) than their white counterparts…That even middle class blacks, relatively protected by their economic and educational status from overt mistreatment, still suffer disparate rates of job dismissal (even when their performance indicators are comparable to those of whites), lower mobility when compared to similar whites, and regular harassment on the job…And if you had committed a crime as a youth, you’d have been six times as likely to be incarcerated for that crime than your actual white self, even if the crime details and your prior record were no different than they had been in your actual, white world…So despite affirmative action, whites continue (as I document in my books, Colorblind, and Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White) to receive over 90 percent of government contracts, to hold over 90 percent of tenured faculty positions, to hold over 85 percent of management level jobs in the private sector workforce, to be half as likely as blacks to be unemployed (even when only comparing whites and blacks with college degrees), and to get into their college of first choice at higher rates than African Americans or Latinos. I’m not going to tell you to go away, but to educate yourself about the travesty committed against blacks that continues today.—coupled

            Muhammad, Khalil Gibran (2010-07-15). Condemnation of Blackness: race, crime, and the making of modern urban America (p. 36). Harvard University Press. Kindle Edition.

          • I think that if you dig a little deeper concerning the comment made about it happening to white people too, you will see that they don’t even care about their own people, just the money and the power.

          • Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere – Martin Luther King, Jr.

      • karen503

        P.S. And I agree with NEO. Dr. Misee Harris sounds like an independent trailblazer who could do a lot of good in a solo practice, with some help from investors. I hope her story resonates with interested folks who could get her started solo. Good luck, Dr. Harris!

      • Dorthey Collins

        Highly Favored 1

      • Highly Favored 1

        It’s unfortunate but this has been going on for sooo long and people do tend to keep quiet to pacify these ignorant klansmen in the work place but I am also one who has worked in an all white environment and was not afraid to voice my opinion. You have to stand for something or otherwise you will fall for anything.

    • setay

      Being Black in America, you must expect whities in power to response with venon about anything that Black folks do against those who harm us daily in this country!..We are very pround of you Dr. harris!…I say: find yourself a very good
      lawyyer, & suit them!!!!Brake their bank!!

    • Glen

      Glen D. Harris
      10520 Sussex Square South
      Mint Hill, NC 28227

      Following is a detailed summary of my unprovoked encounter with the Mint Hill Police Department. I am requesting that you investigate the police actions and inform me in writing of the outcome.

      On August 21, 2014, at approximately 12:45 PM, I was awakened by the sound of a dog barking outside my front door. I opened the door to investigate and came face to face with 8 police officers with their guns drawn and trained on me. They demanded that I unlock the storm door, and when I did, I was grabbed and forced face down on the ground where I was handcuffed and placed in a police car. When I asked what was going on, I was initially informed that the dog had tracked me from the scene of a crime. I was subsequently informed that I fit the description of a person who had just committed a crime. A police officer asked me where I had been, and I told him that I had been in the house sleeping until I was awakened by the barking dog. At this point, I asked if I was under arrest; the police officer stated that I was not. I asked why then was I handcuffed and being detained in the police car? He stated that it was because I was being uncooperative. After being detained in the hot police car for an hour, a detective finally came and informed me that they were doing an investigation, and that I fit the description of a person who had committed a crime. He said he was making a call, and after that I was released without an explanation or an apology. I called the police department for details about the crime and why I was the subject of the investigation. I was told that I could get a copy of the police report in 3-5 business days.

      This incident is the latest of several that I have had with the Mint Hill police department, and is definitely a case of racial profiling. When walking or riding my scooter in the neighborhood I have been stopped and searched several times. I have also been told by various police officers that I look suspicious in my own neighborhood.

      Glen D. Harris

      • Glen I am so sorry this has happen to you. Get a good attorney and SUE THEIR ASSES. America is a nation of cowards when it comes to race.

    • C A Wallace

      This is so sad, and we continue to fight against each other as a race. Let us continue the fight against racial prejudices and strive for racial equality.

    • America has a huge problem with any kind of discussion concerning race relations as it applies to People of Color. Her thoughts posted on the milk carton, not only are they true, it also shows the lack of compassion of any person who can not see that those situations are just wrong on all levels of justice for all!

    • Koresun

      I was shocked to read about Ms. Misee-Harris’s employers secretly monitoring her private comments on Facebook. I strongly support her response to their skullduggery! IMO, people like that should be ridden out of town on a rail!

    • It seems to me that this office supports the MURDER of innocent young Black men. D. Harris should open her own practice and take all of their patients

    • TPs and Repubs are in Congress to divide Americans between Whites and racial minorities. We are not going to allow this. Do not vote for any TP or TP endorsed candidate in November. Let them go back to their mothers to be re-weaned.

      • Highly Favored 1

        I agree. We have to rid ourselves of these racist, hateful, evil klansmen.who We MUST get out to vote no matter how many road blocks they put in our way. They believe we are too lazy to get to the polls but we need to prove them wrong. There is no need to sit back and complain if you won’t cast your vote in the Mid Term elections as well as the Presidential ones in order to effect change.

    • Bigpanama

      It always comes back to one statement i heard as a child repeated times….a guilty conscience needs no accuser



    • Excellent. You sound like a wonderful young lady. But the truth is they didn’t like you bringing in those free Medicaid pts. Many who are poor and the other dentist uncomfortable and the waiting room uncomfortable. If you know what I mean. The Lord has you and IS blessing you already

    • This was hideously underhanded and sleazy on the Dental firm’s part. I think it’s understandable that a given firm would want to understand the character of anyone they offer a partnership to, but admittedly spying crosses the line. The lawsuit will be spectacular and Dr. Misee-Harris is better off without them.

      However, (and this is a BIG “however”), the term “private Facebook” is an oxymoron. No matter who you block, or what you set to “private”, the internet is public. Her Facebook comments were like a “private” conversation with a friend in a public place- you still run the risk of being overhead by the wrong people at the wrong time.

      • ERose

        There is a difference between “public” and “potentially consumable by the public” that I think a lot of people making similar comments miss.
        A “public” conversation is one made with the express intent of being heard by the general public.
        In the journalism world, a statement that is clearly on the record and fair game for quoting.
        However, a professional journalist does not quote overheard conversations, personal social media profiles of those who are not public figures, etc. because it’s unethical to take statements clearly not intended to be on the record and put them in a piece for a mass audience.
        If the media, of all things, can recognize the difference, surely an employer can manage.

    • HB

      This article does not focus on what else the doctors were likely discussing with Dr. Harris concerning her Facebook postings including half-naked pictures of herself, comments about her body, and sexually charged statements. Since Facebook is an open genre, and a friend of the owner could view Dr. Harris’ profile, then any parent could find this information and associate the practice with Dr. Harris’s postings which were extremely unprofessional. Also, if you research Dr. Harris, as the author of this article should have done, you will see that in 2012 she was still a resident, still in a program that forbids moonlighting, all while pursuing her reality career. So she did not have the time to work in an office, and it makes me wonder what financially ruined boss told her not to have dinner with Pres. Obama? Instead of focusing on how Dr. Harris has been racially discriminated against, is it possible to think that maybe her employers weren’t focusing solely on the race card and perhaps her public image? While beautiful and intelligent, would you want to take your child to the half-naked (on Facebook) pediatric dentist who’s having a ‘good boob day’ and thinks opinions are like penises and she doesn’t want them shoved down her throat? While the employers definitely did not have the right to give her the ‘stop voicing your racial injustice opinions or leave’ ultimatum, they had the right to ask her to act more professionally in order to be associated with their practice. There is definitely more to this story.

      • If the pictures and comments were private and she was selective about who she let see them, how could anyone accidentally discover those items? She was outed by a person who was specifically sent in to SPY ON HER (e.g. invade her privacy). It’s the same as if they had sent a peeping Tom to her home to look through her windows and report back about what was seen and heard. You seem to be forgetting that in your wall o’ victim-blaming text.

    • Dear Dr.Harris:
      I hope you get to read this, i’m not an licensed doctor, but i was professional deputy jailer. i was decriminated against
      because of my views, everything from bringing certain bibles being allowed to come in to not being allowed, to take off for my religious conventions.Those reading this may not see the analogy here, but i was told basically if i took off i would not have a job when i got back.He’res the comparison I’m 57 yrs. a man of color in the south with no college education.
      I trusted in my God Jehovah and turns out to be the best move i ever made.

    • I am so sad to hear this story and to have an in-vivo reminder of what the reality of our nation is at this time. This woman is all about the community, educated, and has her personal sound off outside of her practice. I agree that she should take action against this pediatric dentistry group because it is clear that they only care about themselves and have been invasive and disrespectful towards Dr. Misee-Harris. What a shame! My heart truly hurts to hear this story. BTW, the truth hurts….I think that comic strip slapped many in the face because it is true!

  • Jim

    Again this Black community will not stand up for its Black professionals,the is nothing new!!

    • I wouldn’t paint the Black community with a broad brush like that. There are members of the Black community that support Black professionals and Black women alike. Let’s not focus on negativity using our own community as the ones to blame, when we have been the victims.

    • Dr. Harris will be better off leaving those bigots behind. She’ll succeed no doubt. This happens every day. Thanks for sharing your story Dr. Harris.

    • Jen L

      There is nothing in the article to denote that. The article was posted by a black person. The black people responding are responding with support.

      So why is it that you are inventing information in order to fault black people for the actions of a white employer instead of faulting the white employer for their actions?

    • oh hello mr troll…

    • jim, you must be white

  • Tia

    First off I feel sorry for the dentist office that has lost such a sweet, caring, professional person who truly wants to help & loves kids. Dr. Harris has a right to voice her opinion about whatever it is she chooses to. Especially since she kept her personal and profession separate, but to have someone “spy” and take screen shots of her page is ridiculous. My son is a patient @ that dentist office and since Dr. Harris is no longer there and because of the circumstances my son will not be a patient there any longer.

    • Sonald Sterlings comments and views were in a private phone conversation did anyone here speak out in his defense?

      • CrimsonLegal

        I find it interesting that you equate Sterlings’ situation with Harris’. Sterlings’ friend secretly recorded him and publicized those recordings. Harris’ “blocked” colleagues spied on her social media page and confronted her with its contents. Sterlings racial rant expressed disdain for Blacks. Harris appeared to express concern for Blacks. If I’m black and I love myself and my people, it doesn’t mean I hate any other race of people…it really just means I love myself and my people. If I’m an orange and I told you that I love oranges, you would not automatically assume I hate apples. Or would you?

        • streever

          Crimson, racists are literally incapable of understanding objective right & wrong. They focus on the mechanics (privacy) instead of the actions and moral undertones (racist views versus concern for people discriminated against). They are intellectually and morally bankrupt; shallow, vile shadows of humanity.

        • Nedra


      • Jen L

        That’s factually incorrect. The recording was of an in-person conversation that happened after he gave consent for their conversations to be recorded. In addition, he had a long history of similar behavior in public that backed up the recordings. Plus, his behavior was discriminatory against his employees just as this employer’s behavior was, and her behavior was not in any way discriminatory nor did it affect her employer in any way. On top of that, the employer was spying on her private account because she had told them that she objected to having her opinions outside the workplace held against her by her employer, but stopped publicly expressing those opinions anyway.

        Your attempt at a “gotcha” is such an extremely obvious false equivalency that it’s entertaining. Stop giving white people a bad name with your bad logic. Some of us can think. Thanks.

      • Donald Sterling and his companies have documented histories of discrimination against people of color. This last incident was just his chickens coming home to roost!!!

  • donnell cathey

    We must focus on “making” the check vs “collecting” the check. Although this is super upsetting it may be that message from God. #nevermorethanyoucanbare

  • TMac

    This is so sad and unfortunate. This is one of the challenges of being a professional black woman in america in a corporate type job. If you want to move up the ladder, the tight rope has gotten tighter. You are expected to be one way at work so everyone is “comfortable” with you, one way at home and then find time to be you. Often times we play the game and do it, but its exhausting and you eventually lose part of yourself. I say get your own practice and out perform your previous practice. People support those who support them, respect them and treat them like human beings. I believe this is a wake up call and the green light for her to fulfill the higher calling.

  • Sara

    I feel sorry for everyone involved in this ordeal, but most of all I feel sorry for you, the author. You’ve been used as many other bloggers and social media users have. I’ve been watching, hearing, and reading the stories on Misee since she (not anyone else) proclaimed herself the Black Bachelorette. She’s been described as a “world renowned pediatric dentist” by herself and by her “social media” supporters. I’m guessing her colleagues don’t feel the same. Props to Miss Harri and her Project Smiles. Philanthropy is great thing when not used to try and catapult yourself to fame. You write this story and push it to the world. I’m guessing the only research you did was listening to a first hand account from Misee. I hope this situation gets resolved and I hope everyone moves on with their lives. And I pray for Miss Harris that she will one day learn that becoming famous is not the end all be all. I pray she learns that people on social media are using her just like she uses them. And lastly, I pray she figures out exactly what she wants to do with her life and doesn’t have to bounce from one thing to another leaving destruction and accusations in her wake.

    • BH

      Talk about blaming the victim! Sounds like you are jealous of her more than really making a point. way to stay classy!

      • NEO

        That comment sounds like Missy Ann in Roots: Kizzy (Dr. Harris), I can’t believe you passed up such an opportunity & chose (black pride) over me. Ah, the saga never ends.

    • Erin

      Her name is DOCTOR Misee Harris. Not Miss Harris.

    • I’m actually not the author of the article. It was an open letter from Dr. Misee Harris and her representation. Sad that you feel that way about her. You should take a moment and listen the BGN Podcast we did last year featuring her. She’s an amazing and humble human being.

    • Sara… why does it have to be about trying to “get famous”, when Dr. Harris tells her side of the story. Let’s see how you would feel about this happening to you if your colleagues went behind your back and monitored “your” social media? I bet you might think twice about your work situation, and feeling like it’s a safe and productive environment to work in. Tell me you don’t have opposing views than your co-workers, and that you are okay with being given an ultimatum to cease and desist expressing them if in fact you did?!

    • Sandy

      Sara you are so sad. Go back and read all that Dr. Harris did to give back to others, she is clearly SELFLESS. You made a comment that she is boasting about herself and her colleagues must not feel the same way about her, I guess you missed the part of the letter where it states they were going to make her a partner, which means they felt she was qualified. I guess you missed what she has done for the less fortunate, I guess you missed what she did for the staff at the doctors office who only make minimum wage. She gave back to the community, but all she got in return is her bosses tried to regulate how she feels, how she should act, as well as how she should think. They have no right to snoop and try to tell her how to live her life outside of that office. You are looking through eyes of someone who does not have a clue what we as African Americans go through, how dare you judge what you do not understand, what you will never understand because you do not walk in this brown skin. God help you and may he open your eyes.

      • Nia

        Dr. Harris sounds like an extremely dedicated, compassionate member of her profession to me…& gave both her low-income patients & office staff far more than was required by her job description.
        I’m left wondering why her superiors at that dental practice found it “necessary” to spy upon her in the FIRST place…was she, the “token” Black dentist, becoming “too” popular among her patients, as well as the office staff?
        My prayer is that she will prevail against that practice, open her own SUCCESSFUL practice, & continue to serve her community, whether or not she finds it necessary to sue her former employers.

    • Ewald

      It’s Dr. Harris not Miss

    • David

      It’s called awareness not fame

    • Jen L

      Several people have corrected you, but they haven’t explicitly stated why you needed correction on referring to her as “Miss” instead of “Doctor.” Doctor is an earned title and people should always be referred to by the highest status earned title that they have, if they have one. This is why former Presidents are still addressed as Mr. President even though they are not in office. In this case, you chose to ignore her earned title improperly and instead use a diminutive title for her, in a factually incorrect rant about how everyone but you has been tricked (despite your facts being incorrect). You couldn’t even grasp that an “open letter from [her]” was written by her, yet you champion yourself as smarter than everyone who didn’t automatically disbelieve her as you do.

      Your ad hominem attacks are bizarre and nonsensical. You somehow believe that she should not be lauded for her philanthopic works and should be deemed incompetent in the eyes of her now-former employer because you drew that conclusion based on zero supporting facts and several statements of fact that can be checked.

      Don’t believe for a moment that you can make ludicrous, groundless personal attacks against a black woman that you believe should neither get credit for her work nor for her earned title and fool people into thinking that your attitude is about something other than that she is a black woman.

      From one white lady to another: you’re proving her point instead of disproving it because you are far less clever and far more obvious than you believe.

    • Lisa Ryan

      Wow, Sara — are you a shill for Dr. Harris’ former employer? It sure looks like it! Both Sandy and Jen L. have put into excellent words how I feel about this, and how I see it. Please read their posts

  • Angela Maniaci

    Tell the good doctor to come to St Louis! We have a severe lack of Medicaid dentists, and her leadership would be welcomed!
    People like her are exactly who need to speak out about the reality of being Black in America! The ignorant assume the black Americans who are suffering discrimination have somehow brought it upon themselves by breaking the law or looking some type of way with their dress or conduct. Maybe when successful professional people speak, it will force eyes to be opened.

  • Lisa Marie Pickens

    Thank you for standing strong Dr. Harris!

  • Lesa Woodson

    As an African American female dentist, I can totally relate. It is just so tragic and eye opening. Stay strong colleague!

  • Nana Yaa Asantewa

    Love & Light Queen, the Ancestors are Pleased, that is what is most important!!! You will land in a much better position that is healthier for you mentally, spiritually and physically so give thanks, you won’t have to suffer those blood sucking vampires any longer!!! Their loss and our gain, you have become even greater, a true role model. You are Free… So Fly… Black Butterfly… Sail Across the Waters… Tell Your Sons and Daughters… What the Struggle Brings…. <3 O:)

  • Lu

    Good for her to walk away. She doesn’t owe her colleagues any explanation for being who she is. The spying, an other controlling actions on their part are disturbing and outrageous. She clearly belongs in her OWN pediatric dental practice with professionals that are not fearful of what she brings to the table. Proverbs:24:5, applies here – – she will be fine; as for the colleagues she’s left behind they should be worried about how to proceed in her absence. They’ll probably try to replace her with another one of us thinking “we’re all the same”, however, with Dr. Harris leaving the practice she has shown them that we are indeed individuals and fear what no man can do. Good for her.

  • Robert Pearson

    It appears hat the Doctors lost a great college through their own ignorance and bias. They are so disconnected from the world that they do not understand the confusion caused by the media bias, lack of understanding about police use of force policies and practices, police bias and profiling based on racial bias, etc. By trying to mute Dr. Harris they have lost a valuable member of their team. What a sad scenario.

  • Good for Dr. Harris for taking a principled stand. Here we see the difference between liberation– for which Dr. King, Malcolm X, Dorothy Height, and many others struggled– and empowerment, for which the vast majority of us have settled, including those of us black folk who can call ourselves ‘successful’ by Western bourgeois standards.

    Empowerment is great for the one empowered. However, empowerment is individualistic: it doesn’t challenge the status quo, and may further entrench it, as the privileges enjoyed by the empowered likely come at the expense of others not so fortunate. Liberation is collective, and therefore more comprehensive: it challenges the mechanisms that foster oppression and stark inequality. It’s a much tougher row to hoe, and Dr. Harris can’t be expected to do it alone.

  • For Dr. Harris – How come you didn’t ask your “colleagues” what all this they accused you of had to do with pediatric dentistry? Just asking because all the things they’re accusing you of, sounds similar to the crap I suffered. Just saying, sometimes you have to force a refocus very fast in these situation and forget the stun — because they’re counting on your shock by what they said. It’s a standard power and control marginalization.

  • Mitchel Page

    We need more successful people like you Dr.Harris.
    Stand your ground. That’s what is important.

  • Di

    Please elaborate on, “I became very ‘robotic’ and vanilla about my views for quite some time.” What, exactly, are vanilla views? Are people of different colors not allowed to share the same views? People should live according to what is right and pleasing to God, regardless of race. Why does EVERYTHING have to be about the color of our skin? It’s a cop-out, an easy excuse to blame others. Believe it or not, EVERYONE experiences discrimination: blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, people of mixed races….. no one is immune to hatred in the form of racism. Yes, there are racists in this world, but not all of them are white. If the truth be told Ms. Harris, have YOU ever made a racist remark against someone who is not black? If not, then I applaud you. However, if you have, even if it was only once in your entire lifetime, then you are nothing less than a hypocrite. You are also a racist!

    If what you say is the honest, unembellished truth about your experience, it is unfortunate that you had to endure that. It was an invasion of your privacy and the actions of your colleagues were extremely unprofessional, to say the least. A line was crossed that should not have been. God made two sexes.. man and woman. You are an intelligent and educated woman who was wronged. Why do you feel the need to stress that you are a black woman? I am asking because I don’t understand the reason; I have never felt the need to disclose the color of my skin because I am but a woman that God created. The hatred will continue as long as we keep racism alive and kicking. If people want things to change, then they need to do something different.

    As for the incident in Ferguson, I believe that many were too quick to judge. The witness accounts do not match the evidence and I thought that “innocent until proven guilty” was still the status quo. If it had been a black officer who had shot Mr. Brown, would the black community still be confessing the innocence of Mr. Brown? Yes, the same Mr. Brown who was looting, punched a police office in the face, and raced toward him when he was told to stop.

    • Dear Di –
      Your naiveté is astounding, and far from realistic. The comment about not feeling the need to disclose the color of your skin tells me a lot more about you than you know…
      Why don’t we just leave things the way they are, as you suggests… since we know it to be true that black men are always doing something wrong, and deserved to be killed in the process?!

    • Seriously? Because you don’t understand the reason doesn’t mean that the reason is not valid. Trust me, no one is more tired of dealing with race as those of us who are dealing with race every minute of every hour of every day. And your entire last paragraph has been proven false. The witness accounts that are matching the evidence are piling up daily. The “If it had been a black officer who had shot Mr. Brown…” statement is a classic red herring fallacy to change the conversation. Sorry, you probably need to move on to a site that is more sympathetic to your point of view.

    • Miss Ma’am

      I don’t think she meant vanilla as in color–but as in bland, nothing specific. Not like rocky road, or strawberry, or moose tracks; but vanilla–plain. Not exciting.

    • ReecesQueen

      There you go with the BS about Mike Brown. Know what you’re talking about before you post. 1.The punch in the face was a lie, the dirty cops used someone else’s face to show an injury. 2. He wasn’t looting. 3. New video has come forth with two white individuals working right across from where Mike was murdered. They were not residents of Ferguson, but witnessed the murder. They said the same thing his hands were up in the air and kneeling when that no good dirty bastard shot him in the head.

    • Sadly, it seems all too often that its white police officers, citizens, that are shooting, raping, assaulting African Americans at an all time high. Your argument about the Ferguson situation is nothing short of a person with little or no sane objectivity. The Ferguson police department has been out of control for years, the state of Missouri has actual statistics which show how frequently African Americans were being profiled, frisked, ticketed, arrested, at a much higher rate than the people of European origin. Shooting an unarmed child six times with the intent to kill for what you allegedly stated happen, is nothing short of abuse of police power, and he Darren Wilson should be prosecuted for his overly aggressive policing!

    • JC

      DI, you obviously have no clue what racism entails. Discrimination is very different from racism. Black people can discriminate against white people, but cannot be RACIST against them. Racism deals with superiority. Blacks have never had that so go revise your post. You are clearly racist and the more you try to deny it, the more obvious it becomes. You will most likely get the usual discrimination but you will NEVER EVER understand what it is like to walk in a black person’s shoes. I DARE you to do one of those make overs for a day to a black person. You may shut your mouth then. If you are so certain that you are not racist, try it. Go out as a black person one day. You would quickly change back before lunch. Regular black people do not bring up racism. It is others who constantly remind them of that fact. I have no problem with police officers shooting everybody who attacks them. I have a problem when lethal instead of wounding shots are somehow reserved for black people when tons of videos on youtube show the same and worse being done by people of other colors.



    • Tone

      Miss Mejorar la Raza

    • Miss Foxx: Remain strong and professional. As a woman we have to work twice as hard as a man to achieve the same level. I am reminded that change comes from within — one cannot take their marbles and go home and expect change to occur. The public service/professional environment may not be hunky-dory, but one must consider the larger picture, IMHO — the people/cause we are working and “suffering” for. It can be very lonely “out front.” (I’ve been there.) But, one has to live with oneself and their G_d, so stay the course, as hard as it is. Do NOT stoop to their low level! (Very hard to remember.) Take a deep breath, smile and get your facts straight and your support groups lined-up. Keep up the good work!

  • Wow! I cannot believe we’re in 2014 and still going through this openly. The good doctor needs to file a discrimination lawsuit because until they are hit in their pockets and maybe just maybe the scales will fall off of their eyes that their racism will not and cannot be accepted or condoned.

  • Sallie Jameson

    Di, open mouth, insert foot! Obviously you are not a POC.

  • I’m a little agitated by the post. Nowhere in this article is the dental practice named. It’s a bunch of anonymous dentists and an anonymous practice. The practice ought to be outed so that people can know what kind of folks they are supporting and frankly so the people in that practice can be held up to the scorn and derision they deserve. So I would appreciate it if the article was updated to include that information. Dr. Harris got all her stuff put on front street, why is the practice being protected by not naming them?

  • Thanks for sharing Dr. Harris story. We recognize that racial discrimination is alive and well but so is Entrepreneurship! It was God’s way of letting her know it’s time for her own practice and time to bring others along with her. Her blessings will continue to flow for taking a leap of faith!!

  • Keith Johnson

    I worked for a firm with similar views, and I am happy to say that I’ve moved on to bigger and better endeavors. You have to stand up for what you believe in. What it all comes down to is ignorance in learning about who and what is different. What is really scary that it’s a lot of educated people who are still very stupid in their thinking. I’m not just talking about white as ignorance comes in many different colors from what I’ve experienced in world traveling. Just be proud of who you are and where you come from. I will not let anyone knock me down because of my skin color….I just step right over them.

  • Any Black patient in her office needs to leave. We need to find where she I
    Is going and support her at her new practice. It needs to profitable to support black folks.

    • Why should it be ‘any Black patient’ who needs to leave that office? That’s racist thinking at its best. (There must be at least one (so-called) White person who finds this offensive.
      Is it because of the mention of Medicaid–which is erroneously thought to be used by poor Blacks when it has been proven that more of other races/nationalities in these USAs use Medicaid than Blacks. I find these circumstances to be very disturbing–I would hate that my doctor granddaughter cannot be free to express herself without criticism or monitoring. Have we forgotten our Constitution, and/or gone back to McCarthyism?

  • Rob S

    Thanks for this post. Someone above says this shouldn’t be about race, but I think it definitely is. If I, as a white male, posted the same cartoon (which I think is an accurate political statement about the situation in Ferguson, and frankly throughout the country), I seriously doubt I would get the same criticism from these coworkers. I could be wrong about that; but they definitely wouldn’t have said ‘Do you think we’re all like that?’ as it would be quite obvious that I do not think that. I seriously doubt that Dr. Harris thinks that way either. I have a lot of respect for her work in the community and her recognition that she was now in a no-win situation. Good luck to her in her endeavors to make this a better country.

  • Silencing women who speak truth to power and work for justice? Unconscionable. We at https://www.facebook.com/planetprojecthumanup (hu-manup.org) will continue to turn up the volume in doing so. We have your back.

  • The more I hear about illmoral behavior on the part of the opressor the more I must steel my self for the struggle. We are being attacked on every level today. I can say this will only force our people to fully unite….I hope this happens sooner than later

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  • Too old for this

    And we should be concerned with this why? She apparently knew the feelings of the ppl she worked with or she would not have blocked them. Now we are suppose to rally behind her because she feels her “private” Facebook posting was somehow violated. People with a lot of book sense have no common sense. Post on the internet it’s open game for anyone to see/read and interpret through their eyes. The end.

    • You’re OK with somebody being told to shut it or be fired for their political views? You’re OK with losing your job because your boss found out you went to a fundraiser for a politician he doesn’t like? Then I hope it happens to you too.

      Or maybe it’s just that you figure that since you’re a white male, they’d actually discuss it with you instead of firing you for liking what they don’t like. Maybe you’re right. But that’s all the more reason for people who aren’t white males to be upset.

      I don’t know what you are actually concerned about, but I guarantee this is a hell of a lot more important to most people.

    • Lisa Ryan

      Go back and read the article again — this was not about having political discussions on company time, but rather how she chose, on her own time, to be appropriately involved in the ‘government for the people, by the people’. I learned the importance of Freedom of Speech when I was in Junior High School, studying the US Constitution. And I remember my dad, who served in the US Navy during WW II, saying “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Real adult patriots can disagree and still respect each other. Dr. Harris’ employers are obviously neither mature nor patriots……..they need to go back and re-take their US Constitution class and grow up.

      • Lisa Ryan

        Correction – Dr. Harris’ former employers…..and yes, I agree with what so many have said here– I hope she opens her own practice and becomes very successful. May God richly bless her for doing the right thing! <3

  • Adrian Jones

    Never let anyone tell you how to live your life and change you beliefs…

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  • Lloyd chang

    I hope the doctor sues. Her privacy rights were violated.

  • Nedra

    Hit them in the pocket. Open your own dentist office notify all your clients of your new location if some of their clients preferred you more snatch them too. If you build they will come.

  • Rita Nydam

    I am a white female in my forties. I speak my mind in a mostly respectful way about issues that matter. Not about what movie star is pregnant or who broke up with who. I live in a mostly white town and still in 2014 I see discrimination “silently” in the crevices of peoples actions or words not even knowing they themselves are doing it. I have over 300 channels on my TV and yet there is nothing to watch that educates me, just a bunch of shows displaying murders. The news is no better. I applaud Dr. Harris for quitting. People esp. white people think they know what it’s like to be black, they do not and never will. They think everyone is “equal” but I think they just like hearing themselves say that word instead of truly acting upon that word. Remember a person actions tell you everything you need to know. To think that racism still exists today is sad but it does. Facebook is a bittersweet site when it comes to your work place. People trying to tell you what to post, say and think beyond your working hours. I say no. Speak your mind respectfully because honestly “I want to listen” regardless of what color you are because it educates me. It’s moments like reading this very article that reaches me internally after reading. Good for you Dr. Harris, I’m proud of you.

  • I am much more revolted by their junior high school Mean Girl paranoid attitude than I am about their racism. Mental adolescents with God/Big Brother Complexes have no business practicing dentistry. Anyone seen the movie “Marathon Man”?

  • LaShanna

    We all find some level of discomfort working in an environment with a limited number of like individuals. It is also akward when others feel it is okay to discuss topics in your presence that show their insensitivity. But when they blatantly do the above while surpressing your opinion, and putting you in the position to choose resignation and starting over because what they think in their opinion is all that matters, then the straw breaks the camels back. The reality we already know rears its ugly head. We know we’re being watched, we know we’re being talked about, but what we did not know is their level of comfort in expressing their own opinions in front of us while we sit right there, most of us unable to leave. Most of us unable to stay. The conflict is the result of racism, which we all wish would fade to black, but clearly remains in the light. I wish the doctor the best. I hope this does not scar her heart or change her mind. I hope and pray she conti.ues to strive and make haste.

    • Anonymous

      It’s very difficult for you as a black person on the job experiencing this in 2014. We can see back during slavery or even as late as the Civil Rights Era. But we are in 2014! As you stated racist white people and some other races who align themselves with white people and descriminate against blacks, will talk about a very sensitive topic such as racism and are in total denial. They actually deny that it’s a problem. If they are of another race ( Indian or Hospanic) will say “oh well racism exist in my.Culture also; or ” well there is such a thing as reverse discrimination” I have heard from other races). But what they fail to realize or are totally oblivious or just plain ignorant to the fact that black people have it far worst off, in this country then them. And many are the main ones discriminating against blacks in this country. I really do think that this is why soo many blacks go into their own businesses. Because of racism experienced on the job.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to remain Anonymous but I am going through the same situation with my co-workers and supervisor on my job. I am very outspoken when it comes to racial injustice and my colleagues do not like it. But one’s personal social media account is private and there is freedom of speech. White racist people write racist hate on their social media pages and nothing is said about it. It is a very unfortunate circumstance. But this is Dr. Harris time to shine by obtaining her own practice. She should also sue for racial discrimination.

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  • Excellent choice to resign. Thanks for all you do, and thanks for speaking up.

  • Matthew W.

    I’m in awe at Dr. Harris’ courage and fortitude. I think she should sue.

  • I love this story!! I experienced something similar at my 9-5 but luckily I was able to change a persons outlook of the situation because we live here in St. Louis! I def appreciate this story being broadcasted!

  • It’s terrible that Dr. Harris was ambushed and interrogated that way by her co-workers, but is it okay to say I’m glad she decided to leave that practice? Those people are creepy — on top of being intrusive, disrespectful, dismissive, and insensitive. It’s just *creepy* that they saw the cartoon on her Facebook page and reacted the way they did. Cripes. She seems like a lovely person, destined for professional success, and she doesn’t need the people in that practice around her anyway. I wish her the best of luck.

    • Dr. Barron Brown

      A very principled response, Dr. Harris, and professional. You left an unprincipled practice.

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  • in the uk this would be classes as constructive dissmissal i.e the employer looking for and creating/engineering a sotuation where youu are forced to resign. It is a criminal offence and they have no right to spy on her. especially as she has a good record. that’s a frigging modern day klukluxklan hunt in the work environment.

  • ronwf

    Dr. Harris is finding out that fame brings both wanted and unwanted attention. Having put herself in the public eye, it turns out that said public eye looks at everything about you, not just what you want them to look at.

    Her colleagues, OTOH, have absolutely NO desire to be in the public eye – yet were put in that position unwittingly and unwillingly when Dr. Harris sought it. They have a right to run a dental practice as they see fit within the law without public notoriety being attracted to them. When Dr. Harris made her public comments – and anything you put on FB is public, regardless of whether or not you put security measures on it or not, that unfortunately means nothing – she put her employer in a position of being associated with them. How many celebrities – which includes movie actors and professional athletes – have had their employment affected because they made controversial statements, even to a limited audience, that one interest group or another finds offensive? Just because the people here as a group approve of her statement does not make her any different than someone who got asked to stop making statements – or got fired – because they were perceived as racist or anti-gay.

  • Her first mistake was Being Black in Nashville, Tennessee.

    But seriously though, the best thing to do would really be for her to move outta the south, and the government should drop a nice little Atomic Fusion Bomb on that part of the south. Not a FISSION bomb, which would kill us all with radiation, but FUSION, whose by-product would just be water… which those narrow-minded bigots in Nashville, Tennessee could them presumably use to wash their eyes and SEE what’s going on in Black America.

    TL;DR, I wish narrow-minded racist conservative southerners would all die off ASAP.

  • See, this is why I don’t have a Facebook account… closed it last year due to privacy concerns. And I am slowly reducing and anonymizing (is that a word? It is now!) my online presence.

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  • Nancy

    I’ve seen the same defensive reaction the dentists showed, solely from white family members who are upper or upper middle class. They feel like they are being blamed, they take it personally when they feel like they had nothing to do with the killing and other incidents.. I look at the Brown tragedy as a problem we all need to work on solving, not something I’m personally causing or contributing to.

    Until we can find some way to convince reasonable conservative whites that this isn’t an attack on them, we will get nowhere with them.

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  • The more I wake up each day since Michael Brown was killed each day shows so much beauty for our people are awakening.Every since I saw in a video when the young people had been attacked by Ferguson and St Louis county police and when the came to attack them a second time the youngsters band together one shouted from the crowd PUT YOUR HANDS UP. I got to serve this band of soldiers but every since then soldiers have been coming up from everywhere and this sister is no different It is a blessing to witness your strength makes us only get stronger. We will face some questionable times ahead but with this strong generation we going to be alright. :0)we stand for Justice and courage is our strength.

  • pmbalele

    All these problems are caused by Repubs and TPs who call themselves as conservatives. Conservative means they want to treat Blacks and White women and other racial minority women as was in 50s when these two groups were deemed to intellectually and physically inferior to Repub males. Just imagine about -Newt. Does Newt really respects women. No. In Wisconsin now CEOs can pay women less than White males doing the same job. Now you want to vote in a Repubs into the WH. You will all be slaves if you vote Republican in 2016.

  • Wow! I am a Blackman I have been treated with disdain, denigrate, racial hatred by members of the US Navy in 2010. I was called a monkey twice and all of them were promoted and the witnesses were treated like criminals and they went as far as to frame one of the witnesses

    • Tom Lowe

      What did you expect from a bunch of military neanderthals. What did you expect from a bunch of people whose job it is to kill other people.

  • Tom Lowe

    BTW, Jack Yantis never shot at any deputy in spite of what an article at miseeharris.com flatly states. If that is the kind of dishonest person Misee Harris is, then little wonder she was ousted by her dental colleagues.

  • Seola

    This is a dishonest article at best. Her statements are not “private”, she has a very public persona online, followed by hundreds of thousands of people. Her “celeb gossip” following has her in the top search listings on Facebook on nearly every story. The fact she had “blocked her coworkers” suggests she has stirred up problems or at the very least didn’t care that much for them and likely as a result, was not as respectful to them (as most people are when they hate their place of work) as a professional should be. “Forced to resign” also doesn’t jive with her own story later where she “quit on the spot”. She went to the public eye, she chose to use both her profession and place of work as points on her public profile, her colleagues have every right to discuss how it’s viewed. She had no financial interest in the office, they do. Sounds like someone felt rather entitled to do what they want based on the color of their skin…

  • Carolina Sander

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  • bk to nj to md

    Wish i had money to contribute to this lady starting another practice.