Caught by the cover of Lavie Tidhar’s novel Camera Obscura, I downloaded The Bookman Trilogy in 2012.  The reason I was so captured was because of a discussion had on the Blasian Narrative a few years back.  Here it is: 

Probably one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen in YEARS.

Anyway, based on that beautiful image, I purchased the trilogy because I’m a completist, if nothing else.  I was so stoked because here is a steampunk novel with a sistah on the cover.

The first book in the trilogy is called The Bookman, and all I can say is that Mr. Tidhar has a lot of great ideas; maybe too many.  He crams all of his ideas into this one book, and as a result, it is extremely messy.  It’s mostly description; perhaps a third of the book contains meaningful dialogue.  I started reading it back in February of 2012 and finished it about six weeks ago.  It was so…tedious…to read that I had to take to listening to my iPod in order to distract my mind enough to concentrate. 

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