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Review: Dark Nights METAL Issue 1

Review: Dark Nights METAL Issue 1

Written by: Kai Charles

Metal is here. This first issue is an enjoyable overture in what is sure to be an epic event to remember. The story opens with a history lesson. A foreshadowing from the past and the history of symbols from the ancient tribes of The Wolf, The Bear, and The Bird.

Flash forward to the present and Mongul’s War Moon, where the Justice League is literally in armor fighting gladiator style. Mongul has found a way to inhibit each of the members’ powers and weaved it into their armor coverings. As the JLA prepare for the next fight Batman discovers that Mongul’s captive trap designer, Toyman has built a way out for the team. I’ll just tease you with the words JLA Voltron!

In just a few pages Snyder and Capullo brought a smile to my face and all the feels that come when your favorite characters are in the hands of masters. I love the lean sculpted look of the team in Capullo’s pencils, and the finishing touches by Glapion, and Plascencia.  Scott’s script hits all the right buttons with each character: Flash and Green Lantern’s humor, Wonder Woman’s cool readiness, and Batman’s problem-solving skills.

As the team returns to Earth, Bruce is starting to see a pattern forming in recent events, and upon returning to Gotham; he is informed by Alfred that a giant mountain has appeared in the heart of Gotham surrounded by strange electrical storms. The rest of this issue begins to build the foundations of the battle to come. Dark matter, Nth metal, vibrational energies that allow places like Themyscira to exist, the identity of Lady Blackhawk who has recently taken an interest in Bruce, and secrets at the heart of Batman’s home, waiting to be revealed.

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Throw in a side of Red Tornado and The Challengers Of The unknown and the larger themes of this story all begin to weave together. There is so much goodness in this issue to take a deep dive into. I caught several connections to past storylines and hints of things to come. This is going to be an epic ride!

Snyder’s extensive research and love for his characters create a reading experience that tugs at your heartstrings and reminds you how epic the characters of the DCU are.

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