Writer:  Kelly Thompson
Artist:  Sophie Campbell
Colorist:  M. Victoria Robado
Publisher:  IDW Publishing
Release Date:  March 30, 2016


At the end of the last issue, our beloved Jem and The Holograms had gone through some major changes and put on a dark performance for their fans.  Issue #13 picks up with The Misfits getting ready to hit the stage with their new lead singer, Blaze.  Blaze gets up on stage and sings her heart out, but the audience just stands there with glazed eyes.  Weird.


Meanwhile, Jem and The Holograms are returning to their tour bus.  Rio is there hoping to catch up with Jerrica, but instead of warm greetings from the girlfriend he hasn’t seen in days, he’s met with an icy reception from her sister Kimber.  The Holograms take their leave and Rio enters the bus to have a chat with Jem.  He’s not used to getting the cold shoulder from the girls and he lets Jem know as much.  He vents his frustrations with not being able to find Jerrica and the next thing you know Jem is planting one on him.  Understandably, he freaks out and storms off.  Jem starts to chase after him and it’s then that she realizes something is terribly wrong.


While Jem (or Jerrica really) is trying to shake the darkness, we get a glimpse at what Pizzazz is up to.  She’s in bed, buried under the covers, and still bummed about her forced hiatus from The Misfits.  Her friends send their love via text message with a video of Blaze’s performance attached.  Pizzazz notes how good they sound and then we’re back with Jerrica.

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She’s managed to shake off the darkness and immediately runs to Rio (and Craig is there too).  She explains the situation to them out of frame and puts together a plan that they’re more than happy to help her with.  Everyone is eager to get things back to normal.  The threesome dons black masks and DJ headphones then set about going after Jerrica’s sisters.  Though Craig takes a beating, they successfully nab them.  Rio and Craig take their queue to exit, leaving Jerrica to deal with her sisters.


Back in The Misfits’ camp, Blaze is bummed about the lack of enthusiasm for her performance from the audience, but the girls assure her that they sounded great.  They ponder if something was wrong with the audience.  When we cut back to Kimber six hours have passed and the girls are back to normal, but suffering from a darkness hangover.  They’re all vaguely aware of everything that’s happened, but they’re still not sure about what’s going on.  The only thing they do know is that they’ve been spreading whatever it was that infected them.  They realize they need to pull their videos from the internet to try and stop the spread…but there’s one more thing….



I’m still loving this series so much.  The story, the art…the colors, Duke, the colors! (bonus blerd points if you remember that commercial)—it’s all great.  I could have used more of The Misfits in this one (because they have been my faves since the 80s), but I can see how limiting their presence was necessary to drive the story forward.  I hope we can get back to Pizzazz soon though.  As much as I like Blaze, The Misfits just aren’t The Misfits without Pizzazz at the helm.

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