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Review: Manhunter Special 1 by Giffen, Didio, Humphries & Kirk

Review: Manhunter Special 1 by Giffen, Didio, Humphries & Kirk

Manhunter, Manhunter, Manhunter, Manhunter

DC has been celebrating Jack Kirby’s legacy to comics this year and this special highlights two of Jack’s creations: Manhunter and The Demon.

The first story in this issue is Bring Me A Dream and focuses on a meet up between Manhunter, the golden age Sandman, and his partner, Sandy. Manhunter is aggressively attacking his human prey when Sandman and Sandy try to interfere.

The story is a nice homage to the history of the character and it’s drawn and scripted in a retro style.

In Etrigan the Demon, Sam Humphries and Steve Rude give us a story about the tormented Jason Blood, who has been bound to a Demon by the wizard Merlin. Jason is hoping to find someone to exorcise his burden. Instead, he finds an enemy in disguise and his rescue depends on the Demon once again.

I loved Steve’s art in this story. The Demon is one of my favorite characters and it was nice to see him spotlighted in this issue.

The rest of this special includes a reprint of a twisty story called The Face Behind The Mask, which is illustrated by Kirby, and a few Just Imagine segments (which are also illustrated by the master) that speculate on life in the future. It was interesting to see how writers speculated robots and transportation would be used in our time.

This special was an enjoyable read celebrating Kirby’s works.

Written by Kai Charles


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