Ben Aaronvitch perfectly titles his comic book creations Rivers of London by opening up the series storyline with a man being drowned in his car by a riverbank in London. It allegedly appears like a murder suicide because while the incident is taking place, you can see a very seductive woman in the back seat of the man’s vehicle with no interest in helping him or him fighting back.

Then the next scene introduces two female detectives working on solving the case who seem slightly annoyed that they have to include the assistance of a male colleague named Peter Grant, a Metropolitan Police Officer.
The story then takes an interesting turn. Remember the seductive woman I told you about in the beginning of this review?  Peter knows her! Is he a double agent?

Peter continues to look for clues, but are they to cover up his involvement in the crime or the seductive woman?
Just like the John Carpenter movie Christine, a car with no driver comes out of nowhere and tries to kill Peter, but who was the guy in the beginning of the story that got whacked? Why did someone want him dead?

Let me introduce you to Inspector Nightingale, but first the opening storyline takes me through a series of flashbacks filled with war, secrets and a secret society. Then it fast forwards to today and its current events. Nightingale and his sidekick, a terrier dog named Toby, continue to investigate the case of the drowned man.

She is a mystery because her name has yet to be revealed in the saga. After the Nightingale encounter with her, he sets off to meet Peter Grant to help him solve the case. Leads take them to a church in an old school antique Bentley, as they roll up like Kings to knight their suspected suspects in this unsolved mystery, remember how I told you about flashbacks?  It turns out it is more like Déjà vu!

Review: ‘I’m Not Dying with You Tonight’ Lacks Nuance

(FYI: Each comic series concludes with a mini script comic of a character from the plotline & fun facts about London history + automobiles.)

The windshield in the car can take you to a different era and make you see things that aren’t there. How did they get that way? A confession comes from Mr. Debden, the auto shop employee. Why would he want to do such a thing? You have to read Rivers of London #3 (Patient Zero) and find out for yourself! One thing I can tell you is no arrests were made in the conclusion of this story because the perp once again got away, you know the drill.

I have a question for the audience. Is or was Rivers of London a BBC (British Broadcasting) television show? I only ask because I see from the comic book advertisements that they are also producing comic books of the TV series Doctor Who, Heroes, The Blacklist, Johnny Red and Samurai.

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Now back to Rivers of London #4 review, with no witnesses in custody as of yet, Peter and Nightingale rack up more evidence, some including a hospitalized victim, whose boyfriend may or may not have gotten her hooked on drugs. It leads to the main reason as to why she was considered to be paranoid from her sister’s description. “You see she believed her BMW 5 Series was cursed or possessed.” Coincidence? I think not, because she was the same girl that sold the same exact BMW 5 Series to Mr. Debden and he sold the parts from the vehicle to his clients.

Review: ‘I’m Not Dying with You Tonight’ Lacks Nuance

As a major break concludes a seemly ending to this case from Rivers of London, it looks like one client from Mr. Debden won’t talk anytime soon, because they just committed suicide! It’s a secret they were willing to take to the grave.

What do the murder victim, the hospitalized victim, her sister,and the client who just committed suicide all have in common? It turns out that vengeance is the sweetest revenge because something from everybody’s past, family and history just reincarnated itself to get justice for an unfair trial.

The real killer the whole time is the spirit of a witch possessing cars, and the owners driving them as the windshield window projects an image causing the owners driving them to step on the gas pedal thrusting them into a deep end watery open grave of a coffin.

Rivers of London next issue is on sale March 2016.  An all new story begins with Russian Oligarchs, Child Kidnapping, and The Night Witches!


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