Celia C. Peters

Roxë15 is a uniquely innovative science fiction film written and directed by Celia C. Peters. Roxë15 pushes the boundaries of the wildly popular sci-fi genre by putting heroine Roxë, a black woman, at the center of this futuristic, tech-oriented thriller. The year is 2051. The location is New York City, where Roxë is a brilliant Virtual Reality Programmer developing a game-changing software called ‘Mind Expansion’ in the cutthroat tech world. She’s also counting on the software project to get her out of a dead-end job and a home where she’s no longer welcome. The corporation bankrolling the project cuts their deadline back and at the 11th hour, but not before a brutal virus comes to life in the software and is determined to eliminate Roxë before she can wipe it out.

Director Celia C. Peters is an award-winning WGA screenwriter and multi-media visual artist whose work has been recognized by IFP, the Sundance Film Institute, Bluecat Screenplay Competition and African American Women In Cinema (AAWIC).

Peters says, “As a young writer, I inhaled the work of Octavia Butler, Ursula LeGuin and Margaret Atwood. And of course, I was mesmerized by Nichelle Nichols as Uhuru on Star Trek. I was always fascinated by the future, technology and the cosmos —- the presence of these women shaped my vision of a future to be one where people who look like me are front and center.”

Now Peters has taken to crowdfunding source, Indiegogo, to raise completion funds for Roxë15. Funds raised will be used to edit, master and bring this groundbreaking project to film festivals, movie theaters and VOD. Roxë15 begins a new era in science fiction. Roxë15 is a next generation science fiction film giving the genre a new face, a new voice and a new view of technology.

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Visit Roxë at www.indiegogo.com/projects/roxe15.

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