The rules to dating with the Makeup and Breakup Series answers the questions we all ask ourselves, what do I want from a relationship and when does comprising myself, just blatantly becomes playing the damn fool. Enjoy how each episode follows and all African American cast dealing with the ups, downs and pitfalls of dating in New York City! There is a reason why NYC is called the city that never sleeps, it’s because they are too busy watching this show!

With episodes airing every other Wednesday, Makeup and Breakup Series Episode 1 opens with a couple questioning their relationship, even though the tone is set for seriousness the hilariously acted out documentary session “The Study of Human Sexuality”, continues with Brooke Holiday returning from a vacation after making love to boyfriend Blake, he wants to pop the question to his girlfriend, but to her it was break up sex, so now, “When settling isn’t an option” Blake moves forward with his life and meets a woman name Shannon.

Episode 2 Meet Spencer, a married man with a kid having an affair with Brooke Holiday, as Spencer fills Brooke head with empty promises, she herself becomes the victim of a broken heart. So now we have a reason as to way Brooke broke up with Blake, even though Spencer has no intentions of leaving his wife for her. Brooke now a bitter lover sets out to claim what is hers! As I watch this episode I think to myself, when you can’t see a person for who they are rejection is God’s protection and karma is a bitch.
Episode 3 Spencer Jonathan Parish! You know you are in deep shit, when someone says your full name, as Spencer’s wife questions him about his affairs! Meanwhile, sweet loveable Blake seems to have moved on as this web episode captures his 1st day with the new love in his life, but of course, “if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is” because come to find out Blake’s homeboy knows his new girl in the biblical sense. Later on that day Brooke Holiday gets an unexpected visitor.

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Make sure you watch Episode 4 of Makeup and Breakup Series scheduled to premiere Oct. 26th, 2016. The Makeup and Breakup Series is written/directed by Eric J. Dickens & each episode is about 15 minutes long, plus the show soundtrack should be on everyone’s playlist.


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