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The ‘RWBY’ Volume 5 Finale is Satisfying

The ‘RWBY’ Volume 5 Finale is Satisfying


In the RWBY season finale, the White Fang is unable to fight off both the police and the Faunus, and surrenders. Adam is still his same stubborn self and instead of giving up, runs off. At this point, Blake could have run after him, but she makes the right decision and stays behind. She points out that Adam doesn’t have anywhere to go anyway; he no longer has the protection of the Faunus or the White Fang and he probably can’t go back to Salem since he’s failed. Also, Blake has more pressing issues at hand, like assisting her fellow teammates in battle.

Hazel is almost single-handedly beating the huntsmen and huntswomen, as he repeatedly injects himself with dust allowing him to keep his strength at maximum. Blake joins the battle just in time, considering everyone is exhausted.

Meanwhile, Raven is busted by her daughter, Yang, who now knows she’s the Spring Maiden and wants answers. Like for one, how did she get the powers? In a shocking but not so shocking moment, Raven admits she’s killed the Spring Maiden in not so many words. Raven defends her actions by describing how she was being merciful given the Spring Maiden was weak, always afraid, and would constantly be hunted for her powers. In the words of Yang, “Oh, shut up!” Yang calls it like it is and points out how her mother is a coward and always runs from her problems and looks for the easy way out (this is obviously a shot at how Raven abandoned Yang as a child). She advises Raven to leave and allow her to take care of the relic and its consequences. In a brief honest moment, Raven shows her true self. In tears, she apologizes to Yang right before she leaves her, again.

Yang enters the room full of sand like a dessert and appropriately finds a lamp — does it contain a genie? Yang returns to the main area where Ruby and the other huntsmen have been fighting. Salem’s henchmen instantly realize they lost, since Cinder hasn’t returned. Emerald breaks down crying at the realization that Cinder is dead; she apparently saw Cinder as more than her boss. As Mercury beckons Emerald to get up so that they can leave, she gathers all of her power to project an illusion of an enormous Salem. This is the greatest display of Emerald’s powers we’ve seen in the series as this is the first time she’s used her powers in a room full of people. Apparently, the huntsmen were surprised as well and Hazel and Mercury, carrying Emerald, took that opportunity to escape.

Now, finally, Team RWBY has officially reunited and embraces in a heartfelt group hug. During this time, Oscar uses his last breath to fill Qrow in on the next part of their mission, which is to take the lamp to Atlas.

And, oh yeah, Professor Lionheart gets it. Off-screen, Salem conveniently kills him through her crystal ball octopus thingy.


I appreciate how the season wrapped up; the save Haven Academy arc has concluded, Team RWBY have reunited after two seasons, and they now have a relic in hand. However, as I did enjoy this season, it wasn’t my favorite. I felt the story dragged in a few areas and it would have been great to see some more fight scenes, which I feel is RWBY’s bread and butter. Nevertheless, I’m excited to see the next phases of the story, to learn more about this relic and the others, and to discover the origins of Salem and Ozpin.

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