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‘Screened Out’ is a Documentary That Focuses on Our Obsession With Smartphones

‘Screened Out’ is a Documentary That Focuses on Our Obsession With Smartphones

Screened Out

Technology connects us, but if we’re not careful, it can also control us.

From smartphones, tablets, and social media, the tech industry has designed fun immersive technologies that have changed the way we communicate and interact with each other — but are these devices good for us?

Screened Out is a feature-length documentary exploring how these platforms and devices have fundamentally changed the way we communicate and operate in the world.

If you look around you, it’s easy to spot a stranger staring intensely into their smartphone. Whether their scrolling through their Twitter feed, playing their favorite game on their app, listening to music on their Spotify playlist, checking their email notifications or texting their friends. It is pretty clear that our smartphones and our tablets have taken hostage over our time and attention.

In the new film Screened Out, directed by Jon Hyatt, he seeks to explore how our addiction to the technology on our tablets and our phones have an impact on our psyche and how it is shaping the minds of our children.

Screened Out is currently available on demand. For more information about the film, go to

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