It’s hard to believe that the Her Universe Fashion Show at SDCC is only three years old. It has quickly become a mainstay of the convention and it only gets bigger and better every year!




This year founder Ashley Eckstein partnered with Comic Con HQ to create a behind the scenes show about the selection of the fashion show candidates and their journey to the runway.

The show itself was lovely. I always have emotional experiences at the show. As a long time fangirl it brings such joy to my heart to see women of every size, shape and color being represented on the stage. Last year the show used the ballot counting time to put on a mini fashion show with audience members who came wearing their favorite cosplay or Her Universe outfits. There were double the number of audience members this year for the show including a plethora of Reys from The Force Awakens and a fantastic Jeyn Erso cosplay from the upcoming Rogue One.


There were more designers this year, as the usual 25 entrants was expanded to 27. Harry Potter themes ruled the group. From a stunning Black dress that lit up to show a Stag Patronus, to a dress who’s design appeared and disappeared due to a chemical reaction.

There was even a blood splattered dress inspired by the zombie film 28 Days Later, a Pokemon themed wedding dress, a transforming Wonder Woman gown and more.

Ashley wore a show stopping gown inspired by her alter ego Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Ashley also wore a gown layered with over 10,000 Lego bricks that weighed 25 pounds! Ashley looked lovely and she wore the dress the entire evening.

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The show usually picks two winners: An audience favorite and a judge’s choice. This year however, after the final episode of the show airs on Comic Con HQ Thursday July 27th, viewers will be able to vote for a third winner.
So if you want to see the two spectacular winners of the show and have a say in picking the third download the Comic Con HQ app today!



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