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‘Selena: The Series,’ Season 1 Episode 8: “Gold Rush” — RECAP

‘Selena: The Series,’ Season 1 Episode 8: “Gold Rush” — RECAP

Selena hits the salon and gets a short haircut. Who hasn’t made a hair decision over a boy? When she gets home, she initially is upset over it but her parents and sister love it. Problem is, there is a shoot the next day. Abraham calms her worries. Even with the bit of dye on her neck, the album cover looks great. 

1991 San Antonio, Texas, Selena is on the set of her first music video for “Buenos Amigos.” While she sings, we get flashbacks of her little affair with Chris, clearly implying that this is who she was thinking of while performing. Jose surprises Selena, Abraham, and Suzette with a new gold record to hang up on the wall. The band celebrates the award by having a BBQ and popping champagne. Selena gets a little teary-eyed and thanks her father for all he has done. When Selena goes inside to get tissues, no one notices when Chris goes in to check up on her. Being friends seems to be hard for the two of them because they share a kiss that is interrupted, but not seen, by Suzette. 

Suzette hits the road with band member Rod to the mall, but the two make a quick stop at the home of his friend Bill Arriaga (Christian Escobar) home. There are definitely some sparks between the two. Bill is taking care of his nephews as their parents recover from a car accident. Finally, a man for Suzette. 

Selena and the band are back on Johnny Canales with new outfits that are basically cow hides with sparkle. Who knows what Selena was thinking and can someone tell the girl to stop taking looks at Chris while she performs? After they perform, Johnny takes the time to talk to Selena about her career and where they are going, while she mentions that their next project will be an English record. I sure do hope so. 

Chris finds Selena stressing after the performance. She can’t keep sneaking around and wants to tell people, but they both know it won’t work out. Poor little lovers. Suzette almost slips on how she got a man on her mind as the guys talk about cars and getting girls. Selena takes the time to ask Marcella on how she knew Abraham was “the one.” Marcella tells Selena and Suzette that Abraham was very talented and had a red convertible back in 1963. His ambitions had him quit his job, pick up his family, and move to Texas to work on his music. 

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AB and the crew spot a beat-up jalopy aka carcacha outside. It inspires AB to write another song about a car. The sisters go out car shopping and find a sweet little red car that is cute for Selena. Unfortunately, EMI isn’t ready for an English market even though Selena has a gold record as well as a number one in the billboard Latin charts. She will need to have a platinum hit, so Abraham states that she will, in order to hit the US market. Later, Selena talks to Chris about all she wants, which includes Chris and the record. She doesn’t want to choose. He wants to know what she wants to do; the two decide to lay low while they work for that platinum record. 

Abraham surprises Marcella with mortgages for all three houses paid in full. She is driven to tears by it all. Suzette invites Selena to hang out with Rod, but Selena notices that Suzette is dressed up to possibly see Bill. Suzette states that she wants Selena to be happy one day, too. Kind of hard with a pushy, overprotective dad. 

There’s a bump in the road on the way to the English market. Love sparks are flying everywhere. The industry is a pain. We are already in the 90s of this story and I can’t wait for the shoulder pads to be gone already!

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