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‘Shazam’ RECAP During The Warner Bros Presentation #SDCC

‘Shazam’ RECAP During The Warner Bros Presentation #SDCC

The Shazam Hall H Warner Bros presentation today featured Zachary Levi, director David Sandberg, and Jack Dylan Grazer.

Zachary Levi states that “complete wish fulfillment, this is 14-year-old me who wore spandex and flew around wearing a cape. I hope I wake up one day with powers and can teleport. Tried to make the best version for you and we hope you dig it.”

The first official trailer also premiered during the presentation.

Cheers from the crowd took over the hall! Yes!! It is what I would expect from Zachary Levi.

David Sandberg: “It’s all about telling good stories and this is a great story.”

Whose the biggest kid on set?

“Zach!” (in unison)

David: “Zach is more enthusiastic then dumb. He has that quality of a big kid perfect to play Shazam”.

How do you think Shazam would fair against Superman?

David: “Shazam is one of the only characters who can go toe-to-toe with Superman.”

What’s it like to play the more childish superhero?

Zach: “Like going home. So many characters who are just super stoked to have powers. So since I am still waiting one morning to wake up and fly, I got to be me. I dreamt of something like this. For me to be sitting on the stage next to these guys it’s super awesome. I love I get to be that child. There’s such an optimism in him. Now more than ever we need heroes like that.”

The trailer is definitely giving off some major Greatest American Hero vibes.

Shazam will be released in theaters nationwide April 5, 2019.

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