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Siren 1.4 Review: “On the Road”

Siren 1.4 Review: “On the Road”

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When Siren opens, we see Ryn’s sister is going through another DNA extraction. Unfortunately for the scientists, she’s had just about enough of it and hops out her tank cutting a bloody swath through the lab. Chris is woken up by the commotion and sees it as his chance to flee. As if there weren’t enough reasons to hate these military guys, it seems they’ve done nothing to actually heal Chris. They were just monitoring him. His tummy still has a hole in it. Awful.

The installation goes on lockdown, but Chris stumbles blearily and injured through the corridors until he runs into Ryn’s sister, freshly metamorphosized. They escape together by driving out the front gate of the facility while it’s on lock… you know what? This show is ridiculous and I’ve chosen to embrace it.

SIREN – “On The Road” -(Freeform/Jeff Weddell) GIL BIRMINGHAM, FOLA EVANS-AKINBOLA

All things considered, Xander and Calvin have actually done a fine job on their end of the investigation. They hit a roadblock last week because they vacillated between taking bold risks and being overly timid while following their lead on Chris. They’ve been so close to blowing this thing wide open almost as soon as they began their investigation. When we meet them in this episode of Siren, their stakeout of Nurse Donna is stretching into the wee hours. They have their doubts but they’re determined.

siren, siren, siren
Freeform. (Freeform/Jeff Weddell) RENA OWEN

Helen is a mermaid. … I think. If so, I’m ferociously curious about why she stays on land.  I wonder what her real connection to the Pownall family is. I can’t tell if the smell of the salve was so strong on Helen that Ryn knew to look for dry patches or if she saw something new she had missed before in Helen’s face. The “old family recipe” could have tipped her off too since she’s super intelligent.

This week’s theme is loyalty and sacrifice. Ryn feels responsible for getting Donna caught because she ventured too close to the surface for food and Donna followed her. That’s why even as she’s on death’s door she refuses to go back to the sea without her beloved sister. Xander and the gang are overjoyed to have Chris returned to them after all they sacrificed to get him back. Chris doesn’t even know Donna but immediately feels protective of her even as he’s severely injured. It makes sense that he has a group of ride or die friends when he is so loyal to Donna, his fellow escapee.

Ben and Maddie have to sadly sacrifice their time with Ryn. As she said, “land, bad.” Well, at least it is for her and mermaid Donna so off they go back home to the ocean.  Maddie and Ben look so sad when they see her swim away because now that she’s reunited with her sister, they figure she’s gone forever. Luckily, there are six more episodes so don’t be so glum, kids! I suspect things are about to get more interesting than you can even handle.

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siren, siren, siren
(Freeform/Jeff Weddell )ALEX ROE, ELINE POWELL


  • Maddie is not slick. Initiating shower sex while a curious mermaid is in the next room and then getting caught by said mermaid is not an accident, sis. It’s a plan. I see you, girl. Ryn seems mildly curious but not all that fussed about what Ben is working with. I love this show and these three in particular. Not since Bravenlarke have I been so taken by a three-part character dynamic.
  • There are a lot of caregivers on this show. Even though there are sinister things afoot, there’s a lot of people looking out for each other and the show seems to understand that it’s important to show.
  • Donna attacking the car stereo lol
  • They show us that mermaid tails turn to dust like vampires after they’re shed.
  • Ben and Maddie’s philosophical debate about tracking Ryn which really just boiled down to Ben wanting to stay connected to her when she leaves. Nice touch having Maddie hunched over the readout at the end despite her initial misgivings.
  • All the PoC watching while Ben is the one who knows how to break into a house. Good instincts, show.
  • Good to see Ben, Maddie, Calvin, and Xander working together. I knew they’d fix that Calvin/Ben weirdness.
  • Excited to see what will bring our girls back and what new craziness this show has in store


  • Besides the whole “escaping during lockdown” thing these special operatives are just generally very unobservant. How is a civilian fisherman trailing you and you don’t notice? Why haven’t any of you gone to visit Ben? You knew about him stealing your equipment days ago.
  • I feel like Helen’s mermaid reveal should have had more weight if that’s what it was. Ryn should have asked her questions about it.  And if I totally misread the scene then they should have used very different makeup than Ryn’s for her drying skin.


  • I either don’t trust Doc Abbot or fear he’s going to wind up being a casualty. I can’t tell yet…

Siren airs 8 pm Eastern on Freeform TV

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