sirens, sirens, sirens

In Sirens, a mermaid is asked to use her powers of hypnosis to help a woman forget her son who was killed by a police officer. From writer-director, Jo-Dean Roark (Max Compact, Black&SexyTV), and producer, Rachel Upshaw (Breaking Open, Berlin for Lovers) comes a ten-minute short film with elements of fantasy, grounded in reality.

Sirens takes place in a world where mermaids and humans co-exist. For a fee, Shea—played by Kari Nicolle (@iamkarinicolle)—uses her powers of persuasion to help customers quit smoking or get over a breakup. One day, Ruby—played by Dionne Audain (@DionneAudain)—approaches her with a different request: “Help me forget my son.”

Ruby’s son was killed by a police officer three years ago, but the pain still feels fresh. Shea decides to remove her pain at the dismay of Ruby’s other son, Dorian, played by Theo Bongani Nyvaldene (@dboguz).

Anup Kulkarni, who has worked as the visual effects supervisor for Life of Pi and Thor: The Dark World, will be the cinematographer for Sirens.

Sirens is currently raising funds for production on Seed&Spark. The campaign ends on April 14th:

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