‘Situationships’ – A Millennial Dating Web Series


Situationships: Millennial Web Series Illustrates New Dating Standard

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve been dealing with someone, got caught up, and ended up too afraid to ask the infamous “what are we?” question. Trust us, we’ve all been there. This phenomenon that has been taking the millennial dating scene by storm is known as a “situationship,” and it’s becoming the new standard.

Enter new web series Situationships, a smart and sexy dramedy that exposes the twists and turns of millennial dating. (Or rather – lack thereof.) Created by Cylla Senii (who also serves as director and executive producer), it highlights 8 young people in New York City who find themselves “talking” to people, dating people, having relations with people, but ultimately having no title with their partners. They aren’t in your traditional “relationship” – they are actually in a “situationship.”

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About the Show

Situationships Cast PhotoSituationships is a fresh and provocative, yet perfectly relatable dramedy that showcases the ultimate reflection of the dating landscape for today’s millennial generation. A topic that’s often experienced, Situationships is about a group of young adults journeying through life, love, and the complicated “relationships” they encounter.

We follow a dynamic cast of characters that display the following archetypes of society including the “Good Girl” who always dates the wrong guy, the “Player Player” who oozes confidence and never settles down, and the “Miss Independent” who is too cynical for a boyfriend. There’s also the “Guy in the Friend Zone” who never gets any love, the “Man Eater” who is bold and enjoys her polygamous lifestyle, the “Side Guy” who is happy with no commitments, the “Single Lady” who tries too hard to get a man and the “Perfect Man” who’s good at heart but has a special secret. 

Meet the Creatorcylla-senii
Cylla Senii is a versatile and daring writer, producer, director, and actress who shines both on-screen and behind-the-scenes. Born in Queens, NY and raised in the deep south of Georgia, Cylla is proving to be a force to be reckoned with for her work on stage, film, television, and in the entertainment industry.

Cylla moved back to New York after graduating from The University of Georgia with a degree in Advertising, minor in Theater & Film Studies and the Music Business program. Upon her arrival to the Big Apple, she began studying Acting at the Terry Schreiber Studio. Since then, she’s taken the city by storm by performing in numerous independent films, national commercials, and TV shows, and she made her first Off-Broadway debut in Faith Under Fire.

Based off her entertainment and production background working at the likes of Disney, CBS, Bobbcat Films, and Droga5, Cylla has used her drive and skills to create, direct, and act in her first self-written web series, Situationships, which has gained an outstanding social following. Cylla is currently producing and acting in another drama-filled web series, Mistake and is serving as a judge on the Next Gen Committee at the New York Television Festival to promote diversity in the film industry. Cylla looks forward to thriving as an actor, writer, producer, and director in New York City, and she’s excited by the success of Situationships and the opportunities to expand the project.

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