February 29, 2016 sees the launch of the highly anticipated novel, Skank – The World’s Most Dangerous Comic Book. A novel/graphic novel about the controversial cult, comic classic from the nineties. It is a story about the world’s first Black Satirical comic book… Known in the UK as ‘The Black Viz’, Skank Magazine raised blood pressures and was raved about with its irreverent humour and bad taste with characters such as Wendy Weave-on, Scotland Yardie and Rachel Prejudice. Written by Bobby Joseph (the editor of Skank), Skank – The World’s Most Dangerous Comic Book charts the successes and failures of being ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Comic Book.’  This book will also feature reprints of some of the best comic strips from the rare, hard-to-get issues of Skank Magazine (as well as some new ones!) collected together for the very first time, with the proceeds of this book going to the Meningitis Now charity.

Here’s the blurb for the first Black satirical comic book…

‘THIS IS THE STORY OF THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS COMIC BOOK – STRAIGHT OUTTA SARTH LONDON A.K.A. ‘The Black Viz’, Skank magazine was Britain’s best-selling ‘bad-bwoy’ magazine selling 30,000 copies every issue until a haze of ganja smoke AND the Prime Minister, HM The Queen, Sir Trevor McDonut and a Linford Christie lawsuit, lunchboxed the teenage boyz-n-da-hoodies behind the mag off their definitely-not-stolen mopeds. Suddenly, they were having to buy their own weed. AND smoke it. Just when life couldn’t get any funnier, the worst thing that could happen to anyone happens to B…’


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What has been said about Skank in the past:

‘Britain’s first satirical black culture comic book.’


‘When an issue of Skank came out it sold out within minutes, and the crime rates in Brixton, Handsworth, Moss Side and Liverpool 8 dropped dramatically as the bad bwoys were rolling around in stitches.’


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‘If you attended a local college in the early-mid ’90s no doubt Skank would be the topic of conversation, or someone would have a copy that you would pour over in the canteen during lunch time.’

‘[Skank Magazine is the] biggest shock since drugs arrived in Ambridge!’


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Bobby Joseph is the founder of the cult, comic classics Skank Magazine and Black Eye. He is known as the Voice of Urban UK Comics Books. He has written satirical pieces for Vice.com, Loaded Magazine, The Voice newspaper, BBC1’s Lenny in Pieces and Radio 4. His comic work was a prominent feature at the ‘Anarchy in the UK’ comic exhibition at the British Library in 2015. The piece, ‘Co-Co Nutts’ was viewed by over 60,000 visitors last summer. He is a vocal advocate for diversity in comic books and is credited on the BBC website as instrumental in featuring some of the ‘first comics by black creators featuring black characters.’ His first graphic novel Scotland Yardie will be released in summer 2016 by Knockabout Comics.