512KET65MPL._SY300_Ok folks, come Saturday night we’ll be hitting some serious 80s awesomeness. Lost Boys – not to be mistaken for the classic hip hop group that gave us “Rene” – has to be one of the best horror movies in the era. Sassy, scary, and don’t forget sexy…as in Kiefer.

Oh yes, move over Angel, in 1987 David had southern California on lockdown. Kiefer Sutherland, at top form as a sexy vampire, was the ultimate bad boy crush for any teenage girl who saw The Lost Boys. I honestly think that’s why so many women turned on 24 when it ran on Fox. Kiefer. It’s all about Kiefer.

Sorry, got lost in the land of Sutherland for a hot second. Anyway….like most teenage flicks from the 80s, you’ll see a classic cast of the usual suspects (Jami Gertz, Jason Patric, DianneWiest….). However, the most important thing to note is this is the first movie to bring together the natural phenomena known as “The 2 Corey’s” — Corey Feldman, playing an older, more sarcastic Mouth, oops…Edgar, and Corey Haim, the sensitive younger brother trying to make sense of living in a vampire haven.

What kills me is that this movie presents the perfect argument about not losing yourself trying to be in with the popular kids in school – the cool kids will just suck you dry.

The bloody details:

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