Solus Samurai is an online apparel store that allows you to release you inner geek.  The store has a myriad of shirts, hats, hoodies, and tanks in all different sizes and colors that fits every kind of geek out there.  If you are a comic book geek, gamer geek, or just someone who loves wearing cool graphic T-shirts, this is definitely a website worth checking out!  As I was perusing the site looking for a shirt to buy for myself I couldn’t help but think that many of these shirts is what I would see my favorite character Cisco from The Flash wear.  The site is easy to navigate and user-friendly.




I was curious about the website’s unique name and the term Solus Samurai:

Solus Samurai means lone warrior, but the name has a much deeper meaning. Solus is Latin for “alone,” – this is the way I’ve felt most of my life. This is how society makes those who refuse to mindlessly follow the crowd feel. A samurai is a warrior but the word means “to serve.” Their strength and power is defined by serving their community. This clothing line is an outlet for me to serve my fellow geeks, nerds, gamers and anyone who has ever felt like a Solus Samurai




If you’re not into cosplaying, but rather settle for wearing a nerdy graphic tee at your next con, then give Solus Samurai a try and impress your friends.  The founder and creator of Solus Samurai is a also BGN like us, so take some time and support a fellow blerd that is creating apparel that speak to our interests.

The website is Solus Samurai 

The social media connections are here:

Twitter: @SolusSamurai
Instagram: @SolusSamurai