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5 Questions We Have After the ‘Dear White People’ Announcement

5 Questions We Have After the ‘Dear White People’ Announcement

We got the great news that Dear White People is returning for a third season. (There might have been some bad fangirl dancing going on.) This announcement is very strange, though. After the way season two ended, I had to watch a few more times. Sure enough, I found clues.

Now, I got questions.

  1. Why is the “Order of X” suddenly taking over things? I mean, they didn’t say a word after the racist party. Definitely did utter a peep when Sam was getting trolled up and down the campus. What makes them decide to takes things in their own hands now?
    Dear White People
  2. Why is the paper named Mr. Porter? I don’t know who that is, and I admit to googling him to find out. Nothing. So, did I miss a history lesson? Season two had so many of them as it explored the black founders of the school. I felt like I needed to take notes. Maybe I should have. Then, I wouldn’t be asking all of you who Mr. Porter is.
  3. Who is on the front page? All we know is, he’s a black man with them 70s style collars on his shirt. It seems like an old picture. Or, it could be the pic of a man who can’t let the 70s go. Whatever the case, I have no clue who the character is, but I look forward to seeing the actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave and Come Sunday), joining the cast. He is joining the cast, right? Surely Netflix didn’t make that man pose for a picture, only to send him packing afterward.
  4. Why is the narrator telling us all of this on camera? We have never seen this man throughout the whole series. Why is he coming at us now? Giancarlo Esposito narrates Dear White People, oftentimes giving the story the tone and just enough snark to make himself another supporting character. But, a narrator don’t come out of hiding unless something is wrong. And, he keeps saying we, like he is the Order of X. Has he been messing with us this whole time?
  5. What did they do to Sam and Lionel?  When left them, the friends had cracked a massive conspiracy to uncover clues to a secret society–which they found in the finale of season two. But, what happens next? Are they safe? I hope so. Sam done been through too much already and Lionel just found himself a good man.
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We’ll have to see what happens between now and Spring 2019.

Dear White People dropped its second season of shows on May 4, 2018, with more intimate stories about the characters. We get to Sam (Logan Browning) deals with life off-campus and a troll harassing her online. The second season also brings some important storylines for the supporting characters. Joelle (Ashley Blaine) finds love in the wrong places, while Troy (Brandon P.  Bell) has an existential crisis. My favorite is Cocoa’s (Antoinette Robertson) story and the momentary glimpse we get of her (almost) future.

There are also some surprise guests that will make your jaw drop!


Dear White People
Pictured: Lena WaitheI want to know how creator, executive producer, director, writer and co-showrunner Justin Simien talked a certain boxer’s girlfriend into her eerily Ann Coulter-like role.

You’ll see what I mean on Netflix.

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