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Speechless Has a Rocky Start to the New Year

Speechless Has a Rocky Start to the New Year

Speechless celebrates New Year’s Eve. The time for midnight countdowns and people hoping to be kissed. Or if you’re a DiMeo, the time to avoid being honest with the people you care about. Now, as much as I love Speechless and the DiMeos (Kenneth included), this start to the new year fell a little flat for me.

The episode began with Ray pretending he didn’t invite his friend over in time to see him kiss Taylor goodbye. Classic Ray, still showing off his girlfriend and how much they actually like each other. What kind of threw me off was Taylor’s sudden urge to get down and dirty with Ray on New Year’s Eve. Didn’t seem like a Taylor thing to do, especially since 5 episodes ago we saw Taylor tell Ray it was way too soon to be saying he loves her. Now, I understand teenage shenanigans and how New Year’s Eve is totally a couple time, but I suppose I was expecting something more than the clichéd New Year’s Eve. I did find Ray and Kenneth dodging their dates to be hilarious. The random excuses they came up with were great.

Jimmy and Maya tried to find their time away from home during the New Year’s Eve festivities. Jimmy was great in this episode. He was drunk from three fishbowls of alcohol, but his heart was in the right place. Maya, in true Maya fashion, pretended to be drunk so she could rush home in case her children needed her. I felt bad for Jimmy because he was duped and didn’t get the alone time with Maya that he truly deserved. The hilarity of Maya pretending to be drunk and an actual drunk Jimmy are pretty hilarious, too bad it was cut short by a panicked Ray. In the end though, no one needed Maya and all was well.

The character whose depressed façade wasn’t right for this episode was Dylan. She spent most of the episode trying to win her new dog’s affection. Yes, don’t forget a new family dog was introduced to us before the holiday break. It’s an adorable golden retriever named Pepper with some DiMeo like tendencies. As Kenneth put it, “some skills, but a frustrating inability to play by the rules.” Pepper seems to like everyone in the house except Dylan. Come New Year’s Dylan finds herself alone on the roof, crying because she thinks something is wrong with her. Pepper comes to console her. This was not the Dylan I know and love. Her opening to the New Year was sad and not what I was hoping to see. I wanted more Dylan type shenanigans. Where was her making fun of Ray and her too cool for people attitude?

I hope Speechless can pick up the speed this year. I want the DiMeos to be better and louder than ever in 2018.

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Catalina Combs is an aspiring film critic from California. She loves reading, writing, film, baking, music, drawing, traveling, Disney, and playing soccer. Her life usually revolves around all of these and her family. The oldest of six, Catalina tries to set a good example for her siblings. She graduated from Santa Clara University in 2010 with a BA in English Creative Writing and is pursuing an MA in Film. I also blog on WordPress and contribute to the website Twitter- @tiggercraze | Facebook- Cat Combs 

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  • Love your ‘Speechless’ write-ups, but I thought I’d add a couple things here:

    — Re: Taylor, I was puzzled at first too; but one major thing that happened between “S-H–Shipping” and this episode was at the very end of the Christmas ep, when she snuck over to the DiMeos’ house and told Ray that she was all the more attracted to him as a “bad boy” because her mother (who still wouldn’t get along with Maya) didn’t want her seeing him. 🙂

    — As for Dylan, since she was the one who had most wanted the dog, I guess I could see why she would be the most hurt by Pepper not wanting to spend time with her; plus, having been trained for service work, he would be more likely to respond to people who appear to need or want help, and the fiercely independent Dylan doesn’t really give him that vibe. But even so, I agree it was a bit strange to see her this emotionally needy…

    The thing that kinda bugged me most was how, so soon after the ‘Star Wars’ ep, we got another plot of Maya having to trick or manipulate Jimmy into doing or accepting things he wants — all the more disappointing since I’d been wanting to see a Jim-ya “date night” since at least the s.1 Valentine’s Day episode. While I agree that Drunk Jimmy was a hoot, I would love for these lovebirds to get another night to themselves that they can both enjoy on the same level.

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