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Spotlight: 5 DC Comics That Are Transforming the Universe

Spotlight: 5 DC Comics That Are Transforming the Universe

A few weeks ago at WonderCon, DC’s Dan DiDio and Jim Lee a live-stream event where they laid out their plans for upcoming book releases. DC Comics seems truly focused on finding a book for every type of reader.

They are reaching out to middle grade and teen readers, respectively, with the Zoom series, featuring coming of age stories from various creators, and Ink, a line of teen books featuring stories that press on the edges of DC characters we love as adults without fundamentally changing who they are.

There is also a line of complete stories that are designed to appeal to the mass market trade called Black Label. Black Label’s darker-themed stories feature a horror story called Batman Damned, an epic story by Snyder and Capullo called Batman: Last Knight on Earth, and Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Jimenez, that focuses on the lost history of the Amazonian people.

Later in the stream, the pair shared the upcoming plans for the DC Universe. So, now let’s talk about 5 books that have fans excited, that are the vanguards of the new DC universe, and are coming out in the coming months:

Courtesy of DC Comics

Action Comics #1000
On Sale: 4/18/2018

A celebration of Superman’s 80th Birthday as both over-sized comic and a hardcover book celebrating Superman’s past and future. The comic will also contain the first work published by Brian Michael Bendis for DC.




Courtesy of Free Comic Book Day

DC Nation #0
On Sale: 5/2/2018

This over-sized sampler is just in time for Free Comic Book Day (5/5) with a 25 cent price tag. It focuses on stories showing the state of the universe post Dark Nights: Metal.


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Courtesy of DC Comics

Justice League: No Justice
On Sale: 5/9/18

Snyder stated his gratitude for fans for embracing the Dark Nights: Metal series at the recent live stream. Due to the series financial success and Scott’s pitch on how the events would have long term effects on the DCU, the weekly Justice League will show us Batman’s plans for the League.

Guys we are getting the Hall of Justice! I feel like Snyder will be mining all my childhood favorites for this series.


Courtesy of DC Comics

Man of Steel 
On Sale: 5/30/18

This weekly miniseries is Brian Michael Bendis’ first story arc for the character and is connected to his story in Action Comics #1000.





Courtesy of

Sandman Universe Issue 1
On Sale: 8/18/18

This one-shot is the starting point for the line of four new titles that will become the foundation of the SM Universe. I’m most excited for Nalo Hopkinson’s new series called The House of Whispers, which is one of the four new tiles. Others include The Dreaming, Books of Magic, and Lucifer.




So get yourself to your local comic shop to add these great books to your pull list or hit up the pre-order button on Amazon!

About the Author: Kai Charles is a medical professional, Jedi hopeful, and independent book reviewer at Fiction State of Mind. You can also find her on Twitter at @yogikai tweeting about all things related to Books & Geek Culture

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