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“Star Trek: Discovery” In Production

“Star Trek: Discovery” In Production

Anyone who knows me knows that I get inordinately intense about Star Trek. The lore, the characters, the morality all engage my imagination like few other things can. Each show has it’s own ethics and aesthetics depending on where and when the crews are situated in the vast universe.

A quick gander at my bio will tell you which of these shows I hold in the highest esteem, but really all of them contributed much to this abundant property. … Except for Enterprise. That show was garbage.

Anywho! As you may have read here or elsewhere, Star Trek is dropping a new series this year, Star Trek: Discovery. The good news is that it was developed and showrun by a Star Trek writer and producer with great sensibilities named Bryan Fuller. The bad news is that  Fuller, an adorably capslock enthusiast, had to step down to focus on his other projects. The worse news is that the show is yet another prequel, solidifying that Trek lore effectively ended in 1999.

The supercalafragilstically shitty news is that it’s going to be streaming on line like an upstart web series instead of the legacy television franchise with half a century of canon that it is.

Seriously, I’ve had a doc titled “Star Trek Rant” on tap since mid-November.

The supersonically amazing news, though, is that it will star Sonequa Martin-Green of Walking Dead and Once Upon A Time fame. Much like a drug dealer on a playground who gives out free samples to get their clientele hooked before hitting them with the fee, the pilot will be broadcast on CBS, then scuttled off to the network’s steaming racket…errr service.

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The video above is the first steps in that journey. I wish it hadn’t been pushed back because how cool would it have been if it aired March 11th just like the Original Series?

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