I had started an article for BGN about Steven Universe last week, but deleted what I had due to some renewed inspiration. A complete new love for the show has been formed in less than 24 hours, and I’ll explain both old and new reasons you should check this show out.

But first, a synopsis:

Steven Universe is a show created by Rebecca Sugar, a former storyboard artist, writer, and composer for Adventure Time. She has made history by being the first woman to create a show for Cartoon Network Studios, and there’s no better person to fill that spectacular feat than she has.

Filled with gorgeous color themes, beautiful and catchy music, diverse characters with huge developments the more you watch, attention to detail (how funny is Steven’s grounding from TV being carried over several episodes, and him picking up books to read because of it?), creativity, real life issues, and much more, Steven Universe is a captivating story about a young boy who joins a group of alien-esque women to be apart of the Crystal Gems.

What’s so special about this show?




The storyline runs deeper than this: Steven is the only boy because he is part of his mother—who is no longer around—another Crystal gem. Other questions are answered throughout the series as the plot thickens and the characters develop (even the side characters who you’ll grow to love just as much as the main ones). I admit, to me the show started off slowly and Steven annoyed me at first with his odd outbursts that seemed a bit immature to me. But the show quickly grows out of that awkward phase and frantic animation into something beautiful and profound (can you say gender bending, taking important relationships for granted, discussing anxiety issues, and more?). The world expands with the Gems’ consistent visits to different planets and Steven’s consistent exploration of himself, which leads to learning about powers he possesses thanks to his mom.

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One other thing you’ll love about the show is the representation of DIFFERENT BODY TYPES! I of course loved how many Black people were sprinkled throughout the show. I also love how shorties like Sadie and Amethyst (and me) were showcased as well. And can we talk about the strong and tall Garnet? With hips and thighs as big as her afro?



steven4 steven5


The little details matter as well, like when Steven was grounded from TV (which extended into several other episodes) and so he read books instead; or Saidie’s leg hairs when they were stranded on an island; or even the complicated relationship of Steven’s friend, Connie, who wants to break free from her strict family.

There’s so much to relate to in the heart-warming television series, how many of you guys watch it? WHO’S SEEN THE SEASON ONE FINALE?!

Let’s talk about it in the comments; I need to talk about it! Please, put a spoiler tag at the beginning if you do decide to chat about the delicious and heart-swelling details!




Talk to you soon,


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