When I first got wind of the fact that Ororo Munroe was getting her OWN comic book I was elated and filled with glee.  I started collecting comics books at the tender young age of 10 years old and fell in love with X-Men by way of Ororo Munroe also known as Storm.  The comics, the Fox 90’s animated series, and even the 1992 X-Men arcade game which had the best combos from Storm was enough for me to fangirl over this amazing Marvel character for many years to come.

Now that Storm is back on everyone’s radar again and everyone is talking about her (including dream casting), I think it’s important that fans look to Greg Pak’s Storm series to get a sense of who and what Ororo Munroe is all about.  So let’s dive into issue #1 on this comic shall we?


**Some spoilers ahead**

Pak does a great job of establishing who Storm is for new and old fans alike.  She is referred to as a Goddess, Windrider, Princess N’Dare, Queen of Wakanda, and now she holds a position as headmistress for the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.  These titles alone illustrate the importance of the character of Storm as well as provide a bit of history of where she came from.  Storm is not just a member and former leader of the X-Men, but she was also the Queen of Wakanda and wife to T’Challa aka Black Panther.  It is exciting to see Pak reference Wakanda in this story, because it leads many readers to anticipate a possible appearance from the Black Panther himself.

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In the story, there is a torrential tsunami storm and a series of cyclones that are destroying  a village in Santo Marco.  Storm is a fan favorite of the townspeople and is welcomed with open arms by a little girl who takes a photo with Ororo in true celebrity fashion.  Henry McCoy aka Beast communicates with Storm from homebase which is located in Weschester, NY at the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.  He is there to assist on her mission in Santo Marco, a small African village under an anti-mutant military regime.  The story gets very political when government intrusion towards the economic welfare of the townspeople and Ororo’s own ethical beliefs on how to save them comes into play.  Once again the human v. mutant  ideologue becomes the baseline for our story and human officers of the Santo Marco government want nothing to do with mutants.

Beast tells Storm to back off to avoid an incident and she reluctantly agrees.

We also meet Marisol who refers to herself as Creep who has an engaging exchange with Ororo that strikes a personal chord.  I won’t give the details of this exchange, but we learn what sets Storm off by a simple insult that forces her to release a burden that she’s obviously been carrying for a long time.  Storm has something to prove and enemies of the past to face.  Marisol lit a fire under Storm’s belly that will likely mobilize what is in store for future adventures to come.

The first issue was a great way to establish what we can expect both from a perspective of Ororo the warrior who is a force to be reckoned with to Ororo the girl who has weaknesses that make her just as human as the rest of us.

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When I flipped to the last page of the comic and saw what is to come in issue #2 I was geeked at the upcoming appearance of Callisto, leader of the Morlocks.  Callisto is a long time foe of Storm’s.  If anyone remembers issue #170 of The Uncanny X-Men with a duel to the death, then you guys know what I’m talking about and why I am geeked for the next issue!

Great writing from Pak, excellent illustration from Ibanez, and definitely a good read for all fans of Storm!