by Terisa Thurman


I think that if your passion lies in one field and you are not working in that field then there will be the inevitable battle of going after your dream job and the constant pressure to be self-sufficient, unless you were born into money or married rich – if you were or did either, good for you.

For the rest of us, it’s a question of how far do I go; how much time and money do I spend on my interests and will this ever amount to anything?  Am I distracting myself from what I should be doing in my present situation?

These questions haunt me.  They are a constant conundrum in my most inner thoughts.  Honestly, it stresses me out and sometimes stops me in my tracks.


Step Outside Yourself:
Eventually, I have to step outside of myself.  Reading, watching TV and playing video games are my way to clear my mind (working out helps too; well, helped…I should start working out again). 

Having Goals is Nothing to Fret Over:
And I’m not a Psychologist but if I was I would say:  Go from stressed to blessed.  (Apparently I’d be a sassy Psychiatrist)  Having goals is a good thing; it keeps you motivated! 

Use your calendar:
Plot it out.  Make time for the things you love.  If you really love it; you’ll have fun doing it with or without a big paycheck.  Start small.  Take one step at a time.