This week on Supergirl we learn what happens when a giant flower sits on your chest. The answer is: your viewers get a ‘what if’ episode… sort of.

Kara has been attacked by what we later learn is Black Mercy and while everyone else tries to figure out how to save the superhero, Kara gets to live on a Krypton that hasn’t be blown to smithereens, where she gets her own Kelex and everyone’s okay, even though there’s no one else on the planet besides her parents, Astra, and baby Superman.

Back at the DEO, Alex and Hank try to figure out who sent the flower. Their first guess of course is Maxwell Lord (because it’s always Maxwell Lord). Obviously, he has no idea what they’re talking about and hasn’t made any moves from his “collectable display case” (yet).

It’s later revealed that Non is behind this, and honestly I was more concerned with Astra’s leadership decisions. Shouldn’t he be reprimanded at this point? It’s not like this is the first time he’s disobeyed ordered.  

While Hank/ J’onn tries to fill in for Kara at Cat Co (it goes horribly) Alex is visited by Astra who lets her know that the infestation on Kara’s chest is a Black Mercy and the only way for it to get off Kara is for her to realize her dream Krypton is fake.

With Max’s help, Alex decides to join Kara’s consciousness, however there’s a catch. If Alex dies in her consciousness she dies in real life (kind of like Inception). Alex is able to rescue a heartbroken Kara (through sisterly bond) who has had to relive the trauma of losing her loved ones all over again.

Alex, Hank, and Kara go to stop the Fort Roz prisoners from their plan to use the solar flares to spread a virus that does… something, possibly. To be honest, I’m really confused on what their plan is.

A very pissed off Kara takes on Non, while Alex and Hank/ J’onn/ Martian Manhunter fight Astra who’s tethering on the line between antihero and villain, unfortunately we don’t really get to see where that will go because Alex kills her. Alex lets Kara think Hank killed Astra (which, how can that go wrong?) but Kara gets to say goodbye to Astra allowing them to mend their broken relationship.  

We find out that the myriad is operational (whatever that means) So it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of the insufferable, and now in charge (?) Non.

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