Published on YouTube June 25, 2014, five female characters were featured in an experimental pilot. Not caricatures, but cleverly crafted and sympathetic, humorous and relateable, their inner stream of consciousness astoundingly familiar with a supernatural twist. These characters have curves, represent many skin shades, and were brought together by the powers they possess. They’re witches without a clue. And I’ve been hooked on this new web series aptly titled MisSpelled since!

MisSpelled is about how these five characters, Gladys, Emma, Quinn, Stella, and Nina manage their new found abilities with each other and the misadventures that follow. With teasers, a promologue, blooper reel, 4 episodes, and Q & A vlogs for their growing fanbase, it’s clear that the series is shooting for quality and insightful engagement with their social media savvy audience.

Writer/creator Lindsey McDowell who plays Gladys along with other cast and crew members are addressing an unsavory trend in Hollywood that continues to undermine the holistic visibility of those of various gender and racial backgrounds. Not only is MisSpelled fun, it also understands its importance in a time where we can tell our own stories on virtually any platform.

There is an relentless thirst to move beyond the centrality of white, male, cis characters in our media consumption. True diversity is in the process of being defined and proving to be better business. MisSpelled is just one of the latest examples and if we work together to put our dollars back into projects set on challenging a restrictive status quo and spread the word, it certainly won’t be the last. Its success depends on people like us to show that these bodies and their stories do matter.

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Check out the MisSpelled Kickstarter campaign video below and don’t forget to donate!