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Syfy’s 22nd Annual Twilight Zone Marathon

Syfy’s 22nd Annual Twilight Zone Marathon

Before Charlie Brooker was freaking us all the way out with Black Mirror, there was Rod Serling blowing our minds in the 1950s with Twilight Zone. Syfy never wants us to forget this entertainment staple, so for over 2 decades it has claimed New Year’s weekend as its yearly sabbath, running a three-day marathon of the classic show.

Block off the following time to get your fix: Saturday, December 31 at 6am through Monday, January 2 at 4am. The marathon will feature 128 classic episodes including “Twenty-Two” and “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.”

This year they’re adding a bit of audience participation to the proceedings. For the first time ever, Syfy is letting fans program the prime time hours, which are Sunday, January 1 (from 8/7c to 11/10c). Starting at 7:30/6:30c, viewers can cast their votes for one of two competing episodes by tweeting the specially created episode hashtags to the official Syfy handle, @Syfy. In all, 12 episodes will be in contention for 6 slots, with the winning episodes airing immediately following a 15-minute voting window.

 Click here for the full ‘Twilight Zone’ marathon line-up.



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