Something as invaluable as maintaining your youth is difficult to put a monetary price on. But, it doesn’t seem to be a challenge for the majority of beauty product manufacturers out there!

I like to pamper myself as much as the next girl – I’ve been known to splurge on the occasional concoction to smear here or laser to zap there – but at what point do all of these expenditures become ludicrous? According to an article in, the average woman in US will spend $15,000.00 on her face alone throughout her lifetime – that doesn’t include the gym memberships and body buffing kits she’s bound to dabble in. Not surprisingly, this whopping figure doesn’t come from a few big-ticket purchases and fixes but rather from our daily purchases and maintenance products.

Are there corners we can cut? Are there products we can bypass? What is the bare minimum we can do to still achieve the greatest results?

Of course, each of us is playing a different hand of cards – cards dealt by genetics, race, current age and sun damage to name a few. Like in life, we can’t just ask the dealer to slip us a pair of aces for the win, carry forward with the baby-smooth and evenly-pigmented faces of our early twenties… But, we can dream, right? Inevitably, we’ll have to put a little extra TLC into one area or another, but there are certain daily rituals that will drastically help us all stay at our best. And, fortunately, many companies have wised up to our needs and started grouping together skin treatment kits to keep costs down overall.

So what should we be looking for in these packages to ensure we are stretching our credit cards the farthest? Keep your eyes open for these 5 necessities when buying facial kits:

1. Exfoliating Cleanser – it’s critical to remove the dead skin and encourage skin regeneration

2. Day Moisturizer with SPF – sun exposure is one of the WORST ageing culprits

3. Night Moisturizer – helps deeply moisturize when your skin is doing the majority of its repairs

4. Anti-Wrinkle Serum – great for balancing out dark spots and filling fine wrinkles

5. Eye Cream or Gel – it’s no mystery that this area is a telltale sign of the ageing process

I’d recommend this little power-pack from vbeauté. You save by purchasing as a pack, you tick all 5 boxes above and it’s easy to travel with – an absolute essential.

Maria de Mardo is running her own beauty saloon in Boston (Fancy Nail & Spa) and during her free time she writes about beauty