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The Afropolitan Shop

The Afropolitan Shop


If you were amazed and impressed by the gorgeous African designs in Marvel’s Black Panther, you can dress in style for your next cosplay event or Black Panther party!

Celebrate African designers by shopping at The Afropolitan Shop!

This African online boutique founded by Beverly Lwenya promotes jewelry that is handmade in Africa by African designers. The Afropolitan Shop is a growing global brand specializing in designer handmade accessories such as jewelry, bags, and shoes.

The shop aims to celebrate African designers and artisans for their prolific and imaginative handiwork while giving them access to the global market. What makes this store so unique is that the designers use products and creativity with the Afropolitan experience of Africans all over the globe. Afropolitan is a fusion of the words “African” and “Cosmopolitan,” and represents sensibility, culture, and a worldview.

By shopping here, you not only give their beautiful products access to the global market but also give towards a more sustainable mode of income for them.

You can also earn a 15% discount with the code BGNPodcast and score some beautifully crafted designs pictured below:

The Afropolitan Shop’s chief mission is to showcase their products and give a global platform to local African designers. Shop Afropolitan and look Afro-Chic!

For more information go to The Afropolitan Shop to see more of who they are all about and the selection of designs they have for fashion-conscious consumers.

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