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BGN Comic Book Review: ‘The Black Dahlias’

BGN Comic Book Review: ‘The Black Dahlias’

In difficult times, art can be a solace, and a place to examine justice and humanitarian issues. Comics have been a great source for these type of stories and as the cover for The Black Dahlias Issue Zero shows, they aim to tackle some serious issues.

The Black Dahlias

The Black Dahlias opens with a scene all too familiar in our society: a man makes a move on a coworker who is working with him late one night in a hotel suite.

His assault is interrupted by the Dahlias guided by their tech-savvy leader, Effie.They hit the abuser where it hurts (mostly his bank accounts) and rescue the terrified young woman.

I found this story interesting and enjoyed the “just desserts” given to the abuser, but I don’t feel I really know anything about the women behind the masks of justice.

That’s OK because this is just a sample of the larger series to come although I find an emotional connection to the characters works best when dealing with hot-button topics.

Without the balance, the story can be preachy and also fail to capture the interest of the general public.

Though it is nice to read a comic showing empowered women meting out justice, I would love to read more about the main characters. So The Black Dahlias is definitely a comic book to keep an eye on.

By: Kai Charles 

About the Author: Kai Charles is a medical professional, Jedi hopeful, and independent book reviewer at Fiction State of Mind. You can also find her on Twitter at @yogikai tweeting about all things related to Books & Geek Culture

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