“Hey Alexa, Open Black Girl Nerds Podcast.”

Ask Alexa and she will answer you! If you’re an Amazon Echo owner, you can listen to the BGN Podcast straight from your virtual assistant device. You can also ask, “Alexa, open BGN Podcast”, and episodes will launch instantly.

The BGN Podcast launched in March of 2013, episodes feature the best of pop culture entertainment from interviews with A+ celebrities to hot topic roundtable discussions on the best (and sometimes worst) moments in the news. You can subscribe to become a listener through several streaming platforms which include iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Play Music, Spotify, iHeart Radio and several more!

Currently, on rotation are recaps of The Handmaid’s Tale and Power. So sit back, relax and enjoy episodes of the Black Girl Nerds podcast!

You can check out a full archive of podcast episodes here.

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PODCAST: Our Nation is Burning