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Meet The Family Behind the New Film ‘Fighting with My Family’

Meet The Family Behind the New Film ‘Fighting with My Family’

Fighting with My Family opens this weekend to an audience who has heard several things about the film. BGN sat down with the stars and creator of the film to get to the bottom of what the film really is and why everyone needs to go check it out.

The story was inspired by WWE Superstar Paige’s real-life road to the ring. She talks about seeing her family’s antics on the big screen. She also answers a few questions from BGN fans.

Stephan Merchant is known for his dry wit that plays on words. His subject matter is a real family this time, as Fighting with My Family is based on the real Bevis family. I had to know how he walks that delicate line between deliciously witty and painfully insulting. He talks about that and the little gift the Windy City left him with.


Lena Headey and Florence Pugh play mother and daughter in the film. Pugh is Paige in the movie and she is eager to talk about her role and acting with Headey. That is, after we establish who the real queens in the room are.

Nick Frost and Jack Lowden play father and son, Paige’s brother and father. A question about how the two men bonded as father and son for the film took a left turn when diapering Lowden came up. Frost does make a good point about a message in the film that the audience will see in Paige’s brother’s struggle to accept her success.

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Fighting with My Family opens Friday, February 22 in theaters everywhere.

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