Good grief, not another vampire book! 

Yes, but this one is truly different. In the tsunami of self-published books flooding the market these days, Michelle Mogil’s story of a middle-aged woman suddenly faced with life-changing events stands out in its honesty and wry humor as Ana Trent, our heroine, navigates a tricky set of circumstances. Billed as fantasy romance, the novel rides the wave of vampire popularity with an eye toward realism and practicality. If these creatures truly existed, how would they survive? And is this weird new lifestyle a feasible alternative to Ana’s previous existence: a daily serving of drudgery and hopelessness, marinated in Jim Beam and cheap wine?

When Ms. Mogil found herself a victim of a round of layoffs from Cornell University, she put her idle hands to good use: she wrote a novel. Then, she did what she never thought she’d have the guts to do: she published it, thinking if she sold two or three, or even ten, she’d be happy. She never imagined that people would enjoy it as much as they did. “I felt like the narrator was an old friend. The story takes unexpected twists that leave the reader as well as the characters breathless.” “[The reader] will find themselves laughing at the deadpan humor… The characters are interesting and keep the reader wondering what will happen next.” “This book was entertaining in its twist of the usual vampire fantasy in that it has reached out to the invisible women of a certain age.

We get an excellent sense of our narrator in her original depth of depression and her quickening with her new adventure.” “It’s not often a story features a firecracker of a grandmother with a colorful vocabulary and a taste for Jim Beam as the heroine in a … vampire love story.”

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