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The Legend is Real: Win a Lifetime of Burgers with the McGold Card #Ad

The Legend is Real: Win a Lifetime of Burgers with the McGold Card #Ad

When I think of a “legend,” so many things come to mind are people. Prince, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and so many others whose art has become canon—used to teach future generations but never duplicated. I think of places like that haunted but regal Winchester House, the House on the Rock in Wisconsin, which will be featured in American Gods season 2. These places have a mystique about them that transcends this universe. I also think of monsters like the urban legend of nightmares as a kid Candyman. There’s also the quintessential vamp Dracula and even ghosts like La Llorona who also haunted the childhoods many of my Latinx friends. I think of the McGOLD Card.

The House on the Rock in Iowa County, Wisconsin. This attraction will be featured in Season 2 of ‘American Gods’

McDonald’s has had a legend as well, one that most people, myself included, have heard about since childhood. It’s the legend of the card that is gold and grants that bearer to a free meal every day FOR LIFE. Well, I am here to tell you that the card is real. No joke. It’s called the McGOLD Card, and you can enter to win one.

Like most legends, the legend of the card is rooted in our childhood desire to eat nothing but the golden fries and juicy chicken nuggets for every meal. I know I wanted to live at McDonald’s as a kid. When I became a parent, I realized a few things: 1)Eating every meal from McDonald’s can be too expensive for my threadbare budget and 2)I really had other things to do with my money. I denied my own kids everything but the occasional treat, which only made the legend take hold in them as well.

So, when I found out that the McGOLD Card was not only real, but ordinary people like us could win a mobile #McGOLDCard, I must admit to getting a bit happy. It was a childhood dream come true in two ways–I could win the card and it’s real.

McDonald’s is choosing one person to win this card. All you have to do to enter is download the app before Friday, August 24, and order one of your favorites. It’s that easy. The lucky winner will get a mobile ##McGOLDCard and two free meals a week for life.

Even if you are busy or think there is no time to enter, you can jump into the competition by making an order on the app. Someone from McDonald brings the food out to you–curbside. No need to call in. They already know when you pull up. Each restaurant uses “geofencing” technology that alerts the cooks and clerks inside when you are in the area. This is how every curbside order is made hot and fast.

Download the app today and win a chance to own a legend–the craveable McGOLD Card. A purchase is not required to enter. See the rules for more information.

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with the Network Niche Influencer Agency and McDonald’s. 


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