Kevin Sorrell, owner/operator of Cougar’s Marque Entertainment, a Houston-based independent media production company, announces the debut of his first venture into webcomics: “The Life and Times of Abigail Waller.”


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Originally released as a web series that ran for two episodes before production stopped, “The Life and Times of Abigail Waller,” the comedic story of a young woman dealing with the summits and pitfalls of life as a single professional has been reborn by series creator Kevin Sorrell as a twice-weekly updated webcomic. Sorrell has a bit of a history with comics; as a youngster, he created “The Alidragons,” a strip featuring the adventures of alligator entrepreneur Almo and his host of animal buddies. That strip ended in the mid-90s, but not before being published in Sorrell’s high school newspaper, a school that would later lend it’s name and mascot to Sorrell’s media production company, Cougar’s Marque Entertainment, through which the live-action version of “…Abigail Waller” was produced.


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Although presented as a webcomic, “The Life and Times of Abigail Waller” retains a web series format; individual comics combine to form “episodes,” which are then arranged by “seasons.” When readers first meet Abigail, she and her acid-tongued best friend, Tracy, detail the breakup between Abigail and her ex-boyfriend Darren. Season One deals with the fallout of the breakup, introducing readers to others in her home and work lives. Subsequent episodes will also touch on a myriad of topics, including mother-child relationships, natural hair perceptions and biases, loyalty and friendship, the pragmatism of social media, and moving on after life-altering setbacks.


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“The Life and Times of Abigail Waller” is created using Pixton, a web-based service that allows users to design and create their own comics. The webcomic updates every Wednesday and Friday at abigailwallerseries.com. The series can also be followed on Facebook (facebook.com/abigailwallerseries) and Twitter (@abigailwaller).


About Kevin Sorrell


Residing in Houston, TX, Kevin Sorrell is an independent filmmaker, screenwriter, and comics creator. A self-professed “blerd,” Kevin enjoys music, movies, comics, reading, writing, professional wrestling, and spending time with his incredibly-supportive girlfriend, Shaundra, and thinks-she’s-bigger-than-she-really-is dachshund, Cinnamon. He can found online on Facebook (facebook.com/kevinsorrell) and Twitter (@writerguykev).


About Cougar’s Marque Entertainment


Founded in October 2004, Cougar’s Marque Entertainment is an independent media production company that has produced two short films, a web series, and a music video, and are always on the lookout for collaboration opportunities with other independent filmmakers and groups. The company can be found online at their flagship page (cougars-marque.com), as well as Facebook (facebook.com/cougarsmarque) and Twitter (@cougarsmarque).

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