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‘The Magicians’ Finally Get Some Wins

‘The Magicians’ Finally Get Some Wins

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This week’s episode gives us a Josh-filtered overview of what’s been happening on The Magicians, which includes a creepy “hook up board.” Kady runs in and has her hopes raised and dashed simultaneously after seeing the Penny from timeline 23. I can’t help but wonder why phones don’t seem to work on this show. Couldn’t someone have called Kady and given her a heads up about Penny? Goodness.

The symbolism on this show is interesting at best and slightly offensive at worst. I get what they’re doing with the bear and Fray relationship reference, but it’s definitely an oversimplification of the idea of people being sexually or relationally fluid. While they’re making an attempt to address these hot-button societal issues through story, it manages to come from a privileged point of view. But since it’s the privileged who need to see and understand these things, I can slightly appreciate that it’s happening.

What I’m having a hard time appreciating is this culmination of Julia’s storyline that involved a vicious rape, but is leaving her pregnant with the power of a god that she’s using for benevolence and good. This is a very problematic portrayal of the long-term effects of rape. Very problematic.

Through all of this troubling symbolism, Margot has emerged as a shining figure. She has endured all sorts of patriarchy and misogyny even from her beloved Eliot and still managed to persist. In fact, the women on this show consistently show up and show out when it’s necessary. Julia has come to terms with a horrible experience and still managed to find her power. Alice is finding her voice in spite of devastating loss. Kady is learning how to deal with her pain without substance abuse and tap into her power and strength. I like this a lot.

Then Margot wins the election just by the virtue of being accepting and not judgmental, which are two attributes she naturally possesses. I loved this! I also appreciated Eliot’s use of the old adage “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” by putting Pick on the council. They have definitely become much smarter with their decision making.

As this episode comes to a close, it was nice seeing Quentin talk to his dad openly and honestly about what’s going on with magic and how it will affect his health. He’s still angsty but there’s an increased level of personal acceptance in his eyes now. This has been challenging journey, and the growth that’s happening with everyone is very noticeable.

It will be interesting to see how this story develops in the upcoming season finale, especially since timeline 23 Penny seems to have replaced timeline 40 Penny. I think the other Penny will make an appearance, if only to say goodbye to Kady. I also look forward to seeing where Julia’s story takes her. She’s tapping into the all-knowing benevolence of having god powers, but I’m sure there’s a dark side to having god powers as well.

I’m taking predictions. What do you think will happen in the season finale of The Magicians?

‘The Magicians’ airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on SYFY.

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