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‘The Mayor’ Delivers a Solid Second Episode

‘The Mayor’ Delivers a Solid Second Episode

The Mayor

Following a successful pilot episode, ABC’s The Mayor, delivered another funny and insightful storyline with the second episode, “The Filibuster.” This time around, Courtney is beginning to learn how to navigate the political system and make it work for him.

As a part of ‘get to know you’ promotional visits, Courtney goes to Fort Grey Elementary, his old alma mater, where he leans the music department is in need of new instruments. With a sudden stroke of inspiration, Courtney declares to the children and their teachers, the city will provide new instruments. While the children are cheering, Valentina informs Courtney there’s one problem, he didn’t discuss this use of the city’s money with the city council.

One thing I really appreciated with this episode is that it gave a bit more insight into Jermaine and T.K.’s personalities and how their new jobs as part of Courtney’s team fits them perfectly. As the communications director, Jermaine immediately takes to his position and proves to be quite savvy with his use of social media, taking his responsibility quite seriously. T.K., on the other hand, is initially under the impression that his appointment as director of Constituent Services to be a pity position and doesn’t feel excited about it.

Noticing that T.K. seems a tad at a loss with what he’s supposed to do, Dina decides to have him act as her chauffeur for the day, while she delivers phone books on her postal route.

Courtney and Valentina meet up with Vern (special guest star Larry Wilmore), to discuss the budget, which unfortunately doesn’t provide funds for the music program. Here is where Courtney starts to get an inkling, a tiny inkling, that having a budget matters. For some reason, Courtney has the misguided impression that he can veto the council’s budget proposal, but instead the council denies his veto. Welp, he didn’t see that coming.

Valentina urges Courtney to “work the system” and use it to his advantage — and the way to do that in this situation is to you guessed it, filibuster the council. While the filibuster is underway Dina is dropping not so subtle hints to T.K. what issues are plaguing the constituents, such as potholes and broken sewage drains.

Despite the filibuster failing, Courtney learned another way to get the system to work for him is by delivering public pressure — and what better way than with a group of children? Eventually, Gunt gives in and agrees to adjust the budget to provide funds for the music program. As Courtney completes a successful day at city hall, T.K. comes to the realization that his job is actually vital to the city, and Dina was able to have all of her phone books delivered. All in all the episode concluded with a win for everyone, including viewers.

My Episode Musings

  1. Dina and T.K. are hilarious together and delivered some of the best comedic moments of the episode.
  2. I honestly didn’t know phone books were still being made.

The Mayor shows every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. ET, follow the show on Twitter @TheMayorABC

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