Growing up is the worst. We all know it. We’ve all been there. But how is a 32 year-old woman just figuring this out? “The New Adult” series pilot recently premiered on Youtube and is gradually gaining its viewership. The dramedy follows Amber (portrayed by Amber Morse), who begrudgingly attempts to live on her own for the first time after being kicked out of her parents’ home.

Created by filmmaker Katherine Murray-Satchell and produced with the company Weirdos With Cameras, the series introduces a different kind of woman. Amber’s character is packed with a rebellious charm and questionable morals. She will win over some, anger a few, and reflect the inner thoughts of many. The supporting characters are also going through their own version of a quarter life crisis. With Amber as the unlucky leader, “The New Adult” will attempt to answer the question: what defines the modern grown-up?

Amber is beautifully unlikable. She’s ungrateful, she smokes, and she curses in front of children. But, thanks to Morse and Murray-Satchell, I feel her, and I want more. – Andé Morgan, Bitch Flicks columnist

The pilot episode stars Amber Morse (Amber), Lauren Augarten (Jamie), Daisun Cohn-Williams (Joe) and Enzo Francois (Morgan), and is available to view online. The creative team is looking forward to bringing in more characters and the rest of the first season to their audience in the near future.