And so it has happened. The moment we’ve all been dreading. Excuse me. I mean the moment for which we have all been waiting. Cami is a vampire.

*pauses to roll eyes*

We all knew it was bound to happen. It’s practically impossible to remain a human on this show. Admittedly, I was irritated at first. Maybe it’s because this was an episode dedicated to Cami’s storyline, which never interested me much; or perhaps it’s because I felt she was trying too hard, acting wise.

But upon a second viewing, I had a slight change of heart. Her scenes with Klaus were very compelling (mainly because of Klaus). Nevertheless, I now feel more interested to see how this will play out.

Feelings and annoyances aside, let’s get on with the recap, shall we?

Cami’s Transition

When we last saw Cami in the winter finale, Klaus woke up in the bed next to her only to find that her throat had been slit—not by him of course. Now, as he fumbles around his room in fits of rage, he’s flashing back to his couch sessions with Cami and their conversations about death. Klaus believes Cami to be dead, but suddenly her eyes pop open as he holds her in his arms. Surprise! Surprise! Cami was dead, but now she is not. She tells Klaus that Aurora—Klaus’ hyper-jealous and obsessive ex—gave her a vial of her blood and compelled her to drink it and slit her throat right at the moment Cami knew Klaus was in love with her, thus turning her into a vampire, or at least one in transition.  




As we know, the only way to complete the transition into a vampire is to drink human blood or else die. Klaus assumes that Cami will do it, but Cami says she doesn’t want to feed and plans on letting herself die—again. Klaus begs Cami (practically on his knees) to drink human blood because he needs her, which is Klaus Code for loves her, but Cami is just as obstinate as he is and refuses him at every turn.

Vincent the Regent

Vincent is now Regent, which means he is the most powerful witch in New Orleans and the leader of all of the witch covens, and I. Am. Liking. It.


Baby Elijah is Truly a Madman

When Tristan, Lucien, and Aurora first arrived in New Orleans, it was clear that they were Baby Elijah, Baby Klaus, and Baby Rebekah, respectively. They were, after all, the first people The Originals turned into vampires. But oh ho, ho! Tristan has proven that he is c-learly not made in his sire’s image. The only similarity between those two is their penchant for tailored suits.

Tristan holds Jackson and Hayley hostage and merely seconds after Jackson tells his wife just how much he loves her in spite of all they’ve been through, Tristan strolls in and rips Jackson’s heart out of his chest while Hayley watches at the same time that my heart breaks!

Ok, maybe there are two things he and Elijah have in common…

Tristan sends Jackson’s heart in a box to the Mikaelson home and big sister Freya (in tears) has the horrible job of breaking the news to Elijah. Tristan still has Hayley, and per his note her heart will follow unless the Mikaelsons meet his demands.

Klaus, Elijah, Freya, and Vincent hatch up a plan to combat Tristan’s threat. They know Tristan has Hayley and the Serratura (the dark object he plans on using to trap the Mikaelsons in a magical prison for all eternity), so Freya drums up a scheme that requires something belonging to Tristan’s sister, Aurora. They kidnap Aurora and use her to offer an exchange with Tristan.    

They meet at the docks for the trade, and Tristan is no fool. He brings a whole horde of Strix to back him up, thinking it will keep Klaus and Elijah at bay. They trade Aurora for Hayley, and Aurora steals the Serratura from Tristan’s pocket. Meanwhile, Freya and Vincent are performing some witchy spell back at the Mikaelson home, and they activate the Serratura, trapping Tristan in—well, I don’t know what that thing was.

Question: How exactly did Vincent and Freya know when to activate it?

Anyway, it turns out Aurora wasn’t “Aurora”. She was really Cami under some magical spell to look like Aurora, per Freya’s scheme. Now that Tristan is in his cagey thing, Elijah sends him to the bottom of the ocean to rot for all eternity, but before The Strix can retaliate, Elijah convinces them to stand down.


Cami’s Decision

Cami and Vincent have a heart-to-heart in the cemetery, and she reveals how good it felt defeating her enemies. She claims that if she were a vampire she would have the strength to make a difference. Whatever, girl. You know you want to be with Klaus and feed on Vincent because you’re hungry. I know that’s what I would want! Let’s not forget those dark tendencies she alluded to in her tête-à-tête with Aurora. Vincent seems skeptical about her motives too, but he cuts his wrist and lets her feed anyway.

One Wolf Down

So the ghost along the Mississippi is Jackson’s. UGH!

Hayley sends her Alpha Wolf husband burning down the Mississippi in a proper wolf burial while the rest of the pack watches. And who is at this Werewolves Only ceremony? Elijah.

As soon as Jackson died, my second thought after my sheer horror was “looks like there’s nothing blocking Elijah and Hayley now”. Come on. We were all thinking it. It will take a long time for Hayley to grieve, but we know (or think we know) where this is headed.

Elijah Moments of the Week

Saving Vincent’s life with impeccable timing and revealing a rather nice new haircut.

Elijah’s speech to The Strix reminding them that he is their sire, and they stand no chance of subduing him and his brother—although they might’ve come close.

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Laugh Out Loud

“Type O-, just a hint of copper aftertaste. Trust me, you’ll learn to love it.”  ~Klaus as he tries to convince Cami to feed on human blood.

“It’s true, I delivered you into this existence. I can just as easily pluck you out of it.”  ~Elijah to his progeny, The Strix.


“Death dances silently in everyone’s shadow, and she doesn’t give a damn. So… why give a damn about her?” ~Klaus

While contemplating her death, Cami says that she wishes she believed in an afterlife and Klaus says, “Vampirism is by definition an afterlife”. Cami responds, “Which is it, Klaus? Heaven or Hell?”

In the End

With Jackson out of the way—gosh, that’s so cruel to say—Elijah and Hayley will most likely happen (though not for a while I hope). With Cami’s fragility and humanity no longer an issue, Klaus and Cami will happen. Right? At this point, it better happen!

The look on Klaus’ face when he realized what Cami had done said it all.

Aurora has escaped and Klaus believes Lucien took her.

It’s clear that Marcel has not betrayed the Mikaelsons. Elijah knows where Marcel’s loyalties lie.

And what on earth is going to happen to The Strix now that Aya is in charge? Shout out to Tracy Ifeachor on her role as Aya. Hopefully, she’ll play a bigger role in the future now that she leads this elite group of vampires.

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