As an active part of fandom, specifically The Walking Dead, I was linked to a very well done fan vid.  Except…


It decided to not portray one of the biggest supporting characters, who also happens to be the co-leader, right hand, and love of the lead character—Michonne.


michonne falls7

This brought back to mind those last few comic cons I attended where Michonne (and Richonne) were treated as a non-issue, as if it doesn’t exist in the series.  Two weeks after Game of Thrones “Hold the door/Hodor” incident, there were shirts, posters and fan art.  Four months after Rick and Michonne consummate their relationship, we get…


Zero. Zilch.  Nada.  The big goose egg.


Michonne in blue

We even have Rickyl (i.e. Rick and Daryl) items and fan art and fanvids, but Richonne is rare.  Oh sure, it has its pockets of fandom, specifically Tumblr and a few Facebook pages, but here’s the thing, though:

Michonne and Richonne are canon; NOT fanon.  So why does fanon get more representation in fan art and in dealer rooms and in fan vids?


Michonne wants a baby

The vid in question can be found here.  Michonne is shown once–the back of her head–as she shows a character a message; a character who doesn’t even see the end of a full episode.  Michonne, who has been part of the show for four out of six seasons, and is still on it. Michonne who is integral to the life of the lead character (Rick Grimes) of said show and his family.  Michonne, who shares the cover of the season six box set with said lead character AND IS THE FIRST CHARACTER TO DO SO.  Michonne, who is popular in her own right.  Michonne, who co-leads Team Family with Rick.  Michonne, who has gotten her own moving speeches.  But you want to show the back of her fucking head in a fourteen-minute video?  You want to act as if she has no face, or no voice?  Oh, but you got lesser characters in there fully represented for their short/inconsequential stay on the series.  Okay.


I am so sick of the blatant disrespect this character is shown. I am sick of the lack of representation. I am sick of her importance being slighted and ignored.





NO 2



Jill Robi is the author of Fangirl and The Good Soldier, and the creator of Fangirl, Whedon World, and The Living Richonne.  To learn more, visit


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  • Lala Blossoms

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I say who cares. I am a huge Michonne and Richonne fan. I just recently got involved with the fandom and honestly think it’s a waste of time to really care what haters think. Why? For one they are just preaching to their own choir and in a sense so are supporters. The only thing that can make people love or dislike the characters themselves is how they react to what they see on screen.

    For instance, those who already were onboard with Richonne or not for the most part stayed that way and people who didn’t already have an opinion formed one based on what they saw and how they felt about it, not what they read or saw online. I mean we can make the case that online representation counts in a broader sense. But I truly doubt some youtube video made by an amateur is truly impacting anything. I mean did this go viral? Are people everywhere responding? No.

    The only representation that truly matters is what is on the show and how AMC does promotion. AMC did choose to use Richonne for the key art, put their pic front and center on the Emmy package, continuously hypes them on social media and Michonne is always dominant in promotion domestically and overseas. You always see Rick, Daryl, Michone and Carl consistently in the forefront. As much screen time as say Carol gets, she very rarely stands out in advertising. And as far as merchandising, AMC puts a lot of Michonne out there so who cares what someone has in their mom-and-pop shop? Bottom line?These people are not influencers.

    • tiff Christie

      I care but you’re absolutely right .. I really honest to god wish i didn’t. I’m not going to lie it’s pretty hard to adopt a laissez faire attitude with all of it because it is so apparent.. You’ve pretty much hit the mark on what i try to remind myself.. the fandom and all of the crap that comes with it really doesn’t matter in the end,

  • Lala Blossoms

    Ok, just for the sake of research I compared video results since you bring this up as a point. If you search The Walking Dead Rick 261,000 results appear The Walking Dead Daryl, for instance 204,000 results appear, for The Walking Dead Michonne 128,000 results appear, for Carol 89,900, Glenn 124,000. I consider these all the main players and it’s not like OMG there is no Michonne out there. I think people see Rick and Daryl as the stars and they are billed as such this reflects what you see online. But Michonne is holding it down above all the others. Fan art, I don’t know because I don’t follow fan art sites, but TWD message board I’m on show tons of fan art and fan fiction involving Michonne and Richonne. Honestly I think you see more Daryl because he has been shipped with everyone under the sun, including Michonne, so all of those ships each put out there own abundance of content.

  • Lindsey

    Great writeup! Michonne is such an important character, and its baffling to see that not reflected by certain fans. Any TWD tribute is severely lacking if it doesn’t acknowledge her influence on the story. She IS The Walking Dead, from the thrilling zombie kills, to the raw emotion. The show wouldn’t be what it is without her.