The Portalist Awaits

A New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Pop Culture Community That Prioritizes Optimism and Inclusivity


While bearing witness to this tire fire of an election, unchecked police terror, and corruption at every turn, we blerds, nerds, geeks et al take refuge in our fandoms and hobbies for self care. We also rally around important movements and engage in essential conversations from #WeNeedDiverseBooks to #SayHerName. It’s important to remember that through all the strife and hard-faught battles for inclusion and acknowledgement there are victories to be highlighted and celebrated.

Enter The Portalist , a new haunt on the internet that covers science fiction and fantasy as it exists across all mediums of entertainment, both past and present—but with the added focus on making the fan experience a positive one.

You may recognize the Senior Editor, Carolyn Cox, former editor for The Mary Sue. She will be partnering with noted science fiction and fantasy editor Betsy Mitchell, who spent ten years as VP and Editor-in-Chief of Random House’s Del Rey Books.

“The Portalist celebrates the great science fiction and fantasy that gets lost in the din, and shines a spotlight on the stuff we love. We’ll also explore pressing developments in tech, conservation, and space exploration, all from an optimistic and inclusive viewpoint. We celebrate science and imagination equally, and value possibilities and positivity,” Cox said.

“There’s a lot of anger in science fiction and fantasy right now,” she added. “Some of that anger is a necessary response to how women, people of color, and other marginalized groups are often misrepresented or left out of the narrative in geek media; but much of it is from fans who feel the fiction they love is ‘overrun’ by progressive values. In the midst of these cultural debates, inclusive, innovative media is sometimes overlooked. On the road to greater representation, it’s important to pause and celebrate the progress we’ve made.”

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The way to change the zeitgeist of abuse, bullying, and bigotry is to create and propagate more spaces and places that work to changed the conversation. For that reason alone it’s worth checking out!


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