A modern version of Sherlock Holmes can now be read as individual stories on Amazon.. This allows readers to experience black detective Sheridan Hope in the Strand Magazine format that Sherlock Holmes appeared in.

The thrillers of Sheridan Hope are The Inventors Game, The Dogs of Devonshire and The Deadly Solution. The Inventor’s Game begins with an attractive woman arriving at Baker Street determined to find her missing father..The Dogs of Devonshire is a chilling, modern take on Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles. The Deadly Solution puts Sheridan Hope in a fierce battle against a powerful evil.

Demetrius Sherman’s detective can also be read in The Sheridan Hope Thrillers This follows the tradition of putting the cases of Sherlock Holmes into a collection.

Mike Hogan, author of Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston called The Inventor’s Game “Suspenseful” and “In the tradition of Sherlock Holmes.”

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Demetrius Sherman is creator of detectives Sheridan Hope and Peter Sunday. Peter Sunday is a hard-boiled private investigator in Dark Hunger. Other works by Demetrius Sherman includes Shooting the Moon and Other Stories—a collection of humorous, dramatic and bizarre tales. All available on Amazon.

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