Dust off your YA manuscripts, BGN writers!



If you’re interested in writing young adult and/or middle grade sci-fi/fantasy/mystery/genre fiction, check out the New Visions Award from Tu Books. Submissions opened June 1st for the annual writing contest that could get your MG or YA book published. The 2013 winner, Valynne Maetani, had her book published just this week! It’s called Ink and Ashes and it sounds amazing! 


A young Japanese girl discovers her father was in the yakuza—the Japanese mafia! Whaat?! I loved mysteries as a child (anybody else read tons of Agatha Christie and the Sammy Keyes novels?), so I’m excited to check out the book and even more interested in the award it won. It’s open to first time young adult or middle grade writers of color.

If you’re interested in entering, submissions opened June 1 and will remain so until October 31st. You have to be a US resident and not have had a MG/YA book published yet.

Manuscripts should address the needs of children and teens of color by providing stories with which they can identify and relate, and which promote a greater understanding of one another. Themes relating to LGBTQ+ topics or disabilities may also be included. We are particularly interested in fantasy and science fiction, but also welcome contemporary, historical, mystery, and suspense.

Check out Ink and Ashes at the links below:

And check out the details for the award on the Tu Books website or their Twitter.

Who knows? The next winner could be a BGN reader!



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