Twelve Kings is an immersive door into a fantastical kingdom. The only key I had to this door, was the knowldege that the narrative voice of this journey would belong to a woman named Çeda.

In a few pages Çeda’s character overcomes years of stereotypical female characters. She is an independent young woman who reigns as victor in the gaming pits of Sharakhai. She fights in steel, a fan favorite in the pits whose true identity is known by only a few.

Çeda also leads a dual life as an injured sword mistress. She lets the world believe she makes a living by training potential fighters.




Çeda projects a fearless persona but she hides a fierce need for revenge against the King’s who rule her world. There’s potential for defiance in her heart that almost outweighs the safeguards she sets to hide her identity.

When a job comes to Çeda that involves violating the King’s laws she takes it, enlisting the help of her trusted friend Emre. What she encounters that night leads her to a mystery that surrounds her past and the practices of the Kings. Knowledge that has the potential to widen the horizons of her world dramatically.

Twelve Kings is a weighty tome. Five hundred plus pages yet only the first book in the series. The story however is not bogged down by this. Beaulieu’s narrative is rooted in the current moments of Çeda’s life. The reader progresses at the same pace as Çeda, tugged forward by her choices and their repercussions.

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I also appreciated that despite being only the first book in the series Çeda has a definite character arc. We leave her on a different path then the one she started on, wanting to know what is to come.

A very nice beginning to the series.


FTA Compliance: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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