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‘The Twilight Zone’ Trailer Will Bring Chills Down Your Spine!

‘The Twilight Zone’ Trailer Will Bring Chills Down Your Spine!

As Jordan Peele slowly gazes into the camera as The Twilight Zone theme emerges and meanders into the background, I am reminded why I need to break down and pay for a CBS All Access account. It’s clear that based on the new trailer release for The Twilight Zone, the narratives and horror elements in store for us are ready to frighten us all.  Or at least freak us out.

The trailer reveals an all-star cast that includes Sanaa Lathan, Kumail Nanjiani, Tracy Morgan, Steven Yeun, John Cho, Greg Kinnear and more!

“Where’s our dog?

We don’t have a dog.”

That alone already feels super creepy. After speaking with Sanaa Lathan last year briefly about the series, she was excited for what is to come and that both sci-fi fans and new fans will have a deep appreciation for the show.

During the evening of the Super Bowl, a teaser trailer showing Peele for the first time in his role as Rod Serling prepared us for how he will appear on the impending series.

Witness the re-imagining of the most iconic series of all time. Hosted by Academy Award® winner Jordan Peele, The Twilight Zone premieres April 1, exclusively on CBS All Access.


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