7 Moments From 7 Seasons of ‘The Walking Dead’

Over the last seven seasons, The Walking Dead has gained a massive cult following to become one of the most watched shows in television history. The Walking Dead tells the story of people struggling to survive and build a new world from the old. As the season eight premiere looms closer with the show’s 100th episode, I thought I’d share my some of my favorite moments so far. Fair warning, there’s a lot of Richonne.

1×01 “Days Gone Bye”


When Rick (Andrew Lincoln), a father and sheriff, is faced for the first time with killing a child. He realizes that this now a world of the apocalypse and that she’s not a child, but a Walker and therefore has to be put down — so he shoots her in the head. Despite the destruction and Walkers seen earlier in the series premiere, this moment had the most impact for me, because this is where we’re shown just how dismal this world has become. When it comes to survival, the living are prey and the dead are predators, all of them.

2×04 “Cherokee Rose”


I love the well walker scene in season two for two reasons: 1. Despite being scared out of his mind, Glenn (Steven Yeun) still manages to secure the rope around the walker, thus establishing himself as a true bad a$$ with The Walking Dead fandom; and 2. I’m a sucker for great VFX and creature design — the props department outdid themselves, this walker was utterly disgusting to look at and so cool.

3×06 “Hounded”


After escaping from the governor, Michonne (Danai Gurira) makes it to the prison, just as she’s about to collapse at the fence she locks eyes with Rick, and my shipper heart was awakened. I don’t care what anyone says, from this moment for Rick and Michonne, it was love at first sight, they just didn’t know it yet.

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4×15 “Us”


Michonne and Carl (Chandler Riggs) enjoy a light-hearted moment on their way to Terminus, while Rick looks on, happy to see his family is safe, at least for a short while. This scene gave me so many feels because it showed just how close Carl and Michonne were becoming.

5×10 “Them”


After suffering the devastating losses of Beth and Tyrese, Team Family is struggling for survival. While seeking shelter in a barn, Rick delivers a speech that literally gave me chills. I love everything about this scene, from the reflection of firelight on everyone’s faces as they listened, to the clap of thunder as Rick delivered the theme of the show: “We are the walking dead.”

6×10 “The Next World”


Rick and Michonne officially became Richonne and my ship left port to sail the high seas. When Rick gave Michonne the now infamous pack of mints, I had the biggest smile on my face, but when they started kissing, I squealed in pure joy and hid my face in a cushion because I’m a dork. 🙂

7×12 “Say Yes”


Ahh, look at my boos, all happy and carefree while on their honeymoon. Frankly, I would choose this entire episode as my favorite moment of the season. Michonne and Rick got to spend some much-needed quality time alone and reaffirmed their will to survive at all costs.

Season Eight premieres on Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c on AMC.

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