The Truth Hurts

In the pre-credits voice-over of this final episode, we get Scully’s point of view on the past ten seasons as book end counterpoint to Mulder’s Reader’s Digest recap in the first episode of this uneven season. Interesting, but the pile up of all the zany theories once again gives me pause, and I worry that this might be just as bad an episode as the first one. Sometimes, I like to be wrong. Well, we don’t always get what we want.

In this tale of anomalies and aberration in DNA sequences, there is a story aberration as well. Einstein and Miller are still in the story arc. Oh, this does not bode well at all.

Side note: Is Scully sick or is she giving raspy, sultriness? Or perhaps she’s as weary as we are of the tired plot.

The Truth That’s Out There: A variety of illnesses will affect us due to the DNA tampering of secretive government agencies… evidently to make most of us more susceptible. The plan? To get rid of everyone on the planet except for The Chosen. In a hospital ER packed with sick people, a military guy comes down with anthrax. Scully tells us it’s only the first wave. The canary in the mine. And Mulder is missing aka driving with a beaten up face. We are subjected to constant Ted O’ Malley TV hysteria reports. My head hurts.

Former FBI agent, Monica Reyes, shows up to explain it all to Scully. (There’s more? Do we really want to hear this?) Cancer Man aka Cigarette Smoking Man or CSM, who was miraculously saved from burning and seems to never feel any pain ever, made a deal with Monica. Of course, Scully is one of The Chosen and so is Monica (after making a deal with the cigarette craving member of The Syndicate organization behind the alien conspiracy).

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Why do I feel dizzy?

Mulder has a fight with a man in a leather jacket and with a lot of break away furniture. He ends up in a face off with CSM who offers him the same deal as he did to Monica. It’s like he’s a burn mask barker clown peddling some kind of drug (Come on, kids…step right up for some Alien DNA!) Now I’m stifling laughs between yawns.

Scully offers her DNA to save the world with a vaccine. (Save us, Oh Great One!) More people get sick. Panic ensues. Everyone runs. On a bridge full of traffic, an alien ship arrives overhead.

The End.


I hereby demand (yes, I said DEMAND) that all sci fi series must now be original. No more reboots. Onward, people. There’s a whole world — nay, universe(s) — of neglected, inspiring ideas out there, longing to be discovered. It hurts a sci fi fan’s heart and mind to watch this travesty unfold and implode.

My Favs? My Pet Peeves? The less said the better.

melody cooperA Native New Yorker, Melody is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter, as well as a film and web series producer. Her play SWEET MERCY, about the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur, was developed by NY Stage & Film (starring Danai Gurira). In Film and TV her wheelhouse is Sci Fi and Horror: Her horror screenplay MONSTROUS was a Top 3 Finalist at 2014 Slamdance. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW was Finalist for a Creative World Award. Her sci fi script  BREAKING THE FOURTH won the Woodshole Film Festival. Melody is writing and co-producing THE NEXT ITERATION, a web series about the effects of biotechnology on a future Black community. In Spring 2016, she is directing her first film, THE SOUND OF DARKNESS based on her supernatural script about the legacy of racism in the U.S.