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The Tide Has Turned on ‘The Mist’

The Tide Has Turned on ‘The Mist’


By Ashia Sims

Oh the horror!

Man…Kevin, Mia, Bryan and Adrian are always going out into The Mist and surviving. It’s actually a little annoying. But once again, they’re out. They’ve left the hospital, and they’re driving around the town. Now they’re at Adrian’s house to see what may have happened to his parents. Oddly enough, his dad is sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner but his mother is on the couch, dead. It’s hella creepy, but makes perfect sense in Stephen King’s universe.

I can’t get behind this whole Mia and Bryan relationship. She’s too broken and he’s too busy trying to save everyone – her included. Them having sex is a bad idea, but I guess a little romp in the back seat of a car is a good way to relieve stress.

It’s kind of sad watching Shelley being a mean girl to Alex and telling everyone that she was kissing Jay. I get that she is dealing with grief, but her grief is going to get someone killed — oh wait, she ended up being the person killed. Her sneaking around gave her the ammunition she needed to ruin Gus’s fragile leadership. He is hoarding food, but he also cares about maintaining his position — apparently enough to kill. It’s pretty effed up that he blamed her death on Alex, though. He just did exactly what Shelley was trying to do by turning the people in the mall against Alex.

The kicker in this whole episode was finding out that it was Adrian who raped Alex. I didn’t see that coming at all. I was starting to think that Jay didn’t rape her, but I didn’t think it was Adrian. I guess his unfortunate family dynamic messed him up quite a bit. He raped Alex to keep her from having sex with Jay, and now he’s killed his father and tried to shoot Kevin. Things went from zero to 100 with him pretty quickly. I can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with Tyler.

I was wondering what kind of spiritual leader Mrs. Raven would be. Now I see. I don’t know if her leadership is any better than Father Romanov’s. It seemed less judgmental at first, but they did set the church on fire with people still in it. It’s hard to tell if it was always their intention to burn the church down or not. It’s still pretty messed up. They may be going to the mall to punish Jay, but I see some other bloodshed happening when they get there.

The tide definitely turned in this episode. If you’re new to the Stephen King universe, put on your seat belt. The horror you experienced in this episode with the all of the murder will only increase as that energy continues to build. With Stephen King stories, once the horror begins, it doesn’t stop.

Ashia SimsAshia R. Sims is a Digital Strategist by trade, storyteller, and technology enthusiast by design. She combined her experience in television/film production, public relations and copywriting into a career in digital strategy/content marketing consulting. Now she spends her days consulting with clients on how to monetize their content and teaching digital marketing courses online and in person. She represents one of the early generations of kids to grow up sitting in front of a computer and enjoys tech talk about the newest smartphone, the coolest app, the latest in data analytics and other digital news.

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